Creating Director's Cut Map Making Team! Need Members!

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Hosted Project: BoW
Level 17
Feb 28, 2010
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Hi there! My name is Adrian, I am 17 years old and an experienced WC3 mapper. I am here to introduce my latest project to all of you which will begin in 2 weeks (2011-09-13).

Here is some evidence of my professionalism

I have access to 7 host bots on, I got a mic, Skype, Fraps to record our progress with, Sony Vegas Pro to edit the video, a Youtube account with permission to post videos surpassing the 10 minute limit to publish our progress with, and loads of experience.

If you wish to join the project, fill this formula and post it either here, to my skype or in a PM. Thank you!

How long have you been playing Warcraft 3?

Which position within the project would you like to cover?

How long have you been doing "your thing"?

Which previous projects have you been a part of?

What was your role within these?

Do you have skype?

Do you have a mic?

How old are you?

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

Why would you like to join this project?

Why would I prefer hiring you instead of someone else?

Do you have access to a fully working version of Newgen?

What country are you from?

Which days and hours are you available?

Anything else which you would like to mention?

A Tale of Adventure
1: Cinematic.
2: Play as Light and survive in the forest.
3: Grow up.
4: Build up your reputation.
5: Claim your revenge upon the killers of your parents.
6: Next game

The cinematic starts by showing how light and his family lives peacefully in the forest. It will show partnership, love, cooperation and how hard it is to live inside the untamed forests far beyond Ravenholdt. His parents then gets killed by soldiers from Ravenholdt but Light manages to escape deeper into the forest.


Heat, water, food and sleep will be the stats which you need to provide Light with. We will add a lot of variables to surviving while playing Light such as:
*Is the water drinkable?
*Can I eat this carcass?
*Can I sleep here?
*Is this eatable?
*Will this do as building material?

Your mission while playing Light as a child is to survive until he grows up which will happen about approximately after 45 minutes of game play.

When he grows up his mission will be to gain reputation within the nearest town which he thinks is the cause of the death of his parents. This is where the actual campaign begins. You gear up, train yourself within a profession, choose who to treat as friends and who to treat as enemies, complete quests, gain reputation with different factions and so on.

There will be loads of different factions inside the game. Each faction has its benefits. Some factions hate each other and can even be at war. In this case you will lose reputation with the faction which is at war with the one that you help.

The main goal with the game is to claim your revenge upon the killers of your parents. They are soldiers wearing the tabard of Ravenholdt so you assume that they are there. Once they are killed (which requires a lot of gear) you will gain information about the town being controlled by a giant monster which forced Ravenholdt to claim the forests. Once he is killed he mentions on his death bed that he also was controlled by someone. It will continue like that until the last boss is defeated and you win the game.

We will create a follow-up series.

Systems that we will use:
*Full screen inventory system.
*Profession talent tree.
*3rd person camera system.

Other notes:
*80% of the environment will be interact able.
*Each faction will have its own tabard.
*All houses will be enterable (We will NOT use some kind of teleport system to a hidden area which will symbolize the insides of the house, the houses will simply be enterable.)

*Project Leader (Design + Terraining) – Sverkerman (1 person)
*Photoshopper 2D Art (Loading screen, Custom UI, Mouse, Map, Map preview, Additional art) - ?, ? (2 persons)
*Lore (Story, how things are connected) – Lowe (1 person)
*Coder (Full screen inventory system, Interact system, 3rd person camera system and more) - ?, ?, ? (3 persons)
*Beta Testers - ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? (10 persons)

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