Directors Cut project | Also for future maps

Level 5
Oct 10, 2010
Hello, I'm developing new version of Gladiator type map, the goal of this map is to create whole lore, units, doodads, monsters etc. for future map of my RPG (so basically this gladiator is sandbox).

What do I require for members:
  • Time
  • Assignment
  • Sincerity
What I do not tolerate
  • Lack of engagement
  • Delays
Who I am looking for
  • Unit creator
  • Creep creator
  • Boss creator
  • Advanced JASS systems creator
  • Experienced polish-english translator
  • Web developer
  • Project Manager (Redmine software)

I'm recruiting members to my "company" an non-profit organisation which basically do the "internet", group of specialists, this map and also RPG is one of our project.

As for me, I'm web developer, 4 years experienced in world editor, 20y old.