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Searching for Co-Creator !

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Hello, my name is Ardenian and I am searching for a co-creator for my project Eternal Fall.

Sadly, I have less time at the moment for big modding because I have my final exams upcoming these days and next weeks. As it is really a lot of work for one person alone, I decided to share it with one person.

First of all, I would like to give you a definition about my personal definition of 'co-creator'.
For me, a co-creator:

  • develops the map/project as if it is his own project
  • gives ideas and improvements of each kind to the project
  • is able to do a lot of things around the World Editor
  • takes great responsibility
  • wants the project to be perfectly done and finished

Next, I give you some information about the project. I already created two threads about my project, one for finding a name/get feedback and one for more ideas about gameplay. They are linked in my Signature.
Nevertheless, here is some information about the map.

After playing some games like 'Founders of the North', different Survival Games and 'Werewolf Transylvania', I thought about creating a map that allows not only basic battle and surviving gameplay, but also advanced RP- and RPG-Elements and opportunities for the player.
Basically, you choose a race and a hero at the beginning. But, your hero is not an overpowered stand-alone but as weak as every creep on the map. Therefore you have to develop strategies how to survive and defend yourself.
This starts with building a farm or going hunting, or becoming a trader at the village, get married and raise children. Different from common LoaPs, there is no goal in this game. You can decide you want to rule the map or to spread peace and harmony, it is all up to you.
Random events influence gameplay, speaking of Disease, Zombie Apocalypse, Invading Armies or bad weather.

Summary: Eternal Fall is a mix of RPG, RP, Survival and LoaP that offers customizable gameply with huge variety to the player.
Player Count: 1-5
Map: Heinvers template-map 'Peacefully Valley' ( modified)
Current Staff: Ardenian ( =me)
Development Status: basic ideas and gameplay are developed, map is unplayable

Note: You should be very sure if you want to join this project as a co-creator

  • Creating unit, destructible, item
  • Writing simple triggers and systems ( not Jass, btw)
  • Spending a lot of time for this project
  • You should be serious about being creator
  • Being creative
  • Having Skype for Creator Group ( optional)

I would be glad if someone is interested in becoming Co-Creator !
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