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Creating Creep Waves?

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Level 5
Dec 18, 2007
(Sorry if this has been done before.)

Alright, I'm trying to make a Hero Defense map, and I need to know: how do you make creep waves?

If you could post a picture of the triggers, and how to get to those triggers,
(I sometimes can't figure it out!), that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance!
Level 16
Jul 21, 2008
Here you go:

  • CreepWaves Init
    • Events
      • Map initialization
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • -------- This trigger just sets which units will go in which wave --------
      • -------- You will need 2 variables for this: one unittype named WaveUnit and integer WaveCount --------
      • Set WaveCount = 0
      • Set WaveUnit[1] = Footman
      • Set WaveUnit[2] = Knight
      • Set WaveUnit[3] = Rifleman
      • -------- And so on... --------
  • CreepWaves Spawn
    • Events
      • Time - Every X seconds of game time
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • -------- This is the actual spawning trigger --------
      • -------- You will need additional variable here: TempPoint --------
      • Set WaveCount = (WaveCount + 1)
      • -------- Set the exiting For value to number of spawns you want --------
      • For each (Integer A) from 1 to 10, do (Actions)
        • Loop - Actions
          • -------- Creating Unit --------
          • Set TempPoint = (Center of (StartRegion))
          • Unit - Create 1 WaveUnit[WaveCount] for Neutral Hostile at TempPoint facing Default building facing degrees
          • Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_TempPoint)
          • -------- Ordering Unit to move --------
          • Set TempPoint = (Center of (EndRegion))
          • Unit - Order (Last created unit) to Move To TempPoint
          • Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_TempPoint)
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