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  • Hai =]. I'll be quick: I like roleplaying too,hate dota and other noob maps.You play on Garena or B. Net?
    Yeah, the internet is filled with a toxic gene pool filled with imbred retards.
    I remember you. Sorry for my sudden disconnection. Red and the rest were complete idiots and I typically only endure those type of games so I can build, screen shot, then leave. Like taking a token from the RP to show off if anything.
    I can't believe I just uploaded my own icon, ever. I'm afraid I'll be in a comatose state if it gets approved, but I find that unlikely!
    Thanks :). No, I haven't started the thread on my map yet because I am jsut implementing another warring side - supermutants and their base (converting humans in mutants etc.) but i have some problems IRL so it takes time.
    uhh.. thank you?

    I may make halo models in the future, but at the moment, i need to finish a more "starcraft" tank, a dwarven morphing tank -> morphing tanki need to update it, i figured out how to custom mesh on milkshape and my models will be significantly higher quality in the future. Glad you like my stuff
    So it is Fallout3? I Havn't seen those armored guys in the game yet, Im only level 4 :)
    you play Halo 3 online? iff you do send me a message =)

    Asking cause of your avatar
    ... that is screwed up! the boy that bumps before even a minute has passed has mroe rep than me! NOT FUCKING COOL
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