Coral Golem

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The naga of the tropical seas grow and enchant great blocks of coral into these silent guardians. Many an unwary treasure diver has met their end while swimming over an innocuous-looking reef that suddenly took shape and attacked.


My first model, made with Retera's editor, comments and criticism welcome.

Uses Golem animations (I didn't even know Golems had a Sleep animation).

TC is in the rock spikes around the head.


Nov 13 2019: Legs are no longer hollow.


Feel free to edit this model, just tell me about it so I can see what it gets turned into.

Coral Golem (Model)

General Frank
A very cool yet simple model edit to the normal stone golem. A nice twist for beach/underwater maps. Good job.
Level 5
Jan 25, 2012
Cool design and execution!

There's also a "coral golem" concept in my mind that comes from a chilean TCG:


It would be cool to create a reskin for the Mountain Giant based off that :D