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Feb 9, 2008
Hey guys i am making an aos.Like in DOTA it has custom heros but pretty much regular models.Some of the diffrences are i'll be having my own Custom Attack/Defence types.I have the terrain and map basic down.But i need to know,is this really a good idea?will people still want to play AOS' anymore?Any help would be appreciated.
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Oct 24, 2006
Remember, never say that your map is a DotA style map, even if you want to. Instead tell that it's an AoS style map.

In an AoS map, custom models are the ones that make AoS'es shine brightly, and increase replayability. Items, especially Recipes (your own recipes, not DotA's) are essential for an AoS. I'm not tellin you to make your map better than DotA, I'm tellin you to make your map good enough to catch players' attention since DotA totally dominates the AoS genre.

Cool terraining is also a good idea, and most especially, JASS spells. Loading screens/Map Previews and UI (user interface) are all good ideas (check out my UI tutorials at Wc3campaigns). Game modes like random, allpick, Deathmatch mode or other game types are all good tips as well. One more thing, balance the stats of your units and heroes.

If needed, you can make a storyline, an intro cinematic and a 'theme' for your map to make it easily distinguishable from DotA. Plus make heroes that are unique and not based from other AoS maps. A good thing in making heroes is to search in Wikipedia some mythical, pagan or archaic figures/characters/gods/godesses to gain some genuine hero ideas.

Lastly, make sure your map is not having a filesize of 4.00 Megabytes and above, or else it can't be played on!!

All of these stuff are a shitload of mapping work/resource downloading and research, but if you really want to finish this AoS, then do as said above, and your map will go on to the path of greatness.

Good Luck Mapping!!:thumbs_up:
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Nov 26, 2007
It does not matter, at all, how good the quality of the map is. If it is original, if its a new concept, if it has something that makes it unique, people will play it. users know what i mean: For example, a new, simple, and probebly not hard to trigger survival game: Stay alive. But this one takes a different approach where all the buildings are free, but they take time to build. And the entire map is blank. People liked this new concept, and Fortress survival obviously "Improved" upon that concept, and its the most played survival map currently.

For an AoS, ill give you an example of an AoS i REALLY liked. Water Wars, not that played anymore, but its really great. It doesnt have any triggered spells, (although they are custom) but it allows you to build your own hero with what ever abilities you want, so it encourages creativity when crafting your hero to make him the best possible (For example, you can go for a strategy where you get mass summoning spells, and an aura, or friendly buff spell.)

But the most unique thing in this game is, you can dive under water. Yes, there are 2 lanes, one above sea, one under sea. This is where strategy goes in. Its really fun, go search it on epicwar.

I should stop talking about that map, but thats the type of thinking you need. Go for something unique, go nuts, something no one has done before. Like an AoS where you can control the flow of your units to lanes (Think of a train track and the swithces that allow it to go to different areas). Or an AoS kind of like water wars, where you can switch between 2 lanes (And the border changes and stuff) So like, a demon themed one where you change dimensions.

Well you get the idea..
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