Click the Zombie 1.05 (July 2021)

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Click the Zombie! (July 2021)
made by DEFACKTwalker aka Mario

Map Description:

This is just another stupid zombie map and is a parody to all those zombie maps on the warcraft universe.

You have to click the zombies to kill them.

You'll have to survive endless waves of blood-thirsty zombies which want to enter your house to destroy everything!

- All players can change their names in game
- Scoreboard
- Timers
- And other WarCraft World Editor stuff...

Player RED:
-kick [player color] ***Kicks an annoying player out of the game***
Every player:
-c ***Clears your screen of text messages***
- name [new name]

How to play:
Waves of zombies are coming out of the dark to enter your house! It starts with 4 zombies, each wave 4 additional zombies will spawn.
You just have to click on the zombies to kill them.
If they enter the hidden portal in your house, your team will lose one of their 30 lives.

- Reworked for Reforged
- Removed one little bug from v1.03
- Edited the environment
- Edited ending cinematic
- Added some special effects
- Edited chat commands
- Changed Leaderboard title to 'Score'
- Wave 5, 10, 15, ... spawns bonuses now
- Changed UI to Demon UI
- Added Credits
- Changed movement speed of zombies from 100 to 120
- Added some icons
- Interface changes
- The name of the killing player will be displayed on the battlefield

- Interface:
- Skins:
Dentothor, ana, L_Lawliet, 67chrome, horusrogue
- Models:
The Weird Human, tee.dubs
- Icons:
CRAZYRUSSIAN, The_Silent, aki15

- Feel free to edit this map -

Please rate and comment! :D


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Click the Zombie 1.05 (Map)

Vengeancekael - [Contact] Date: 2012/Jul/07 23:48:05 Comment: [Approved] This map is... perfection. Resource Moderation - Rules
I can't even belive that my map got approved! Thank you people and have fun killing zombies with your mouse! :D

For sure this map is not protected. Beginners can learn from the simple triggers i used in this one.

Edit: I've added bonus spawns. Enjoy!

Edit (2): Sorry guys, in v1.03 there was a bug: You were able to kill the Zombie in the ending cinematic by clicking him! Please download v1.04.
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Level 2
Aug 1, 2011
Wow very cool minigame 5/5

but it's bad that there are all the time the same zombies...
Click the Zombie 2.00!

Guys, 'cause of the fact that you like my map, i am currently re-working the hole map.

What i did so far:
- The map is two times bigger
- Creeps will drop Extra Lifes
- The seconds of the Wave timer will be increased each wave to avoid dead fingers and destroyed mouses!
- Wave 5, 15, 25, ... are spezial waves :: High drop chance for Extra Life
- Creeps will now drop Extra Lives (Zombies drop chance will be decreased each wave)

What i will add:
- Wave 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 will be UNIQUE BOSS waves!!!
- Editing the new bigger terrain for more style!

What i can say so far is, this will be awesome! I am working everyday and i have a girlfriend, but i'm doing my best to submit this to you as soon as possible.

Thank you all who gave me so nice suggestions! I'll add nearly all of them!


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