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Arena Thing 1.05

Submitted by AlexM
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
「Arena Thing v1.05」


By AlexMdle


The great old ones are bored.
And only senseless carnage can satisfy their whims.

You, the player, take on the role of a unit, or many units, or no units. Cursed to battle endlessly with others like you, until you can no more.
Your goal is to destroy other players, using whichever creative way you might desire. Basic attacks, spells, ambient lava, mind control. Anything goes, as long as blood flows.
Every time you fall you rise again, mere seconds later, taking on the mantle of a different unit, blessed with their own special ability.

The battle continues until enough have died and a victor is chosen.

And so the cycle repeats.


Over 50 different units to command.
Collides cover, physics and unique abilities for a multitude of gameplay interactions.
Battle in a constant Deathmatch brawl, or participate in round-based Last Man Standing mode.


'Map created by AlexMdle, for the WC3 Vidya Group's Map Jam 2015'

'Uses GUI-Friendly Damage Detection -- v1.2.1 -- by Weep'

'Special thanks to:

Andrewgosu from TH for the color codes.

Flan for roughneck playtesting.

Zucchini_Grower and Sleinsama for hosting the playtests.

And the WC3 Vidya Group for playtesting.'



- Fresh Pine now restores 2 health per second, instead of 5 and heals for 66% of missing health, instead of restoring to full health.

- Cloak of Shadows reintroduced. Now drains 2% of maximum health per second.

- Necromancers now create 6 corpses around them on spawn. Raise Dead costs 1 mana more. Skeletons have less health and damage.

- Carrion Beetles, Recruits, Water Elementals and Skeletons are now uncontrollable and automatically seek out enemies.

- Sudden Death lava now eventually fully covers the arena and increases in damage over time.

- Units with Magic attack can properly target banished targets now.

- Voidwalker no longer deals damage while invisible, in line with passive damage from Immolation and Lightning Shield.

- Fixed the hotkey of Play Dead on Peasant.

- Camera distance default is upped to 600.

- Added Knight and the Polymorph units to the Strategy Guide, all entries now display unit type and skills.

- Formatted a bunch of text and fixed some grammar.



- Power-Ups spawn at a lower rate.
- Power-Up spawn rate is now equal to the number of living players.
- Sudden Death terrain no longer uniform.
- Duration of all Power-Ups reduced.
- Polymorph Trap was disabled in older versions, due to an oversight.
It's back in the circulation.

- General Unit balancing:

- Acolyte: Added Secondary skill: Infiltrate.
- Archmage: Added Secondary skill: Frost Blast.
- Assassin: Added Secondary skill: Shadow Strike.
- Bandit Trapper: Added Secondary skill: Detonate.
- Beastmaster: Stampede is no longer channeling and creates a more uniform wall of kodos. (Added Secondary skill: Axe Throw)
- Blademaster: Added Secondary skill: Bladestorm.
- Blood Mage: Added Secondary skill: Phoenix.
- Crypt Lord: Added Secondary skill: Carrion Beetles.
- Faerie Dragon: Added Secondary skill: Mana Flare.
- Felguard: Cleave cost reduced from 3 to 2. (Added Secondary skill: Dash)
- Ghost: Added Secondary skill: Haunt.
- Goblin Tinker: Added Secondary skill: Cluster Rocket.
- Headhunter: Added Secondary skill: Adrenaline Rush.
- Infernal: Added Secondary skill: Combust.
- Juggernaut: Added Secondary skill: Rev Up.
- Knight: Added Secondary skill: Reinforce!
- Mortar Squad: Added Secondary skill: Steel Rain.
- Mountain Giant: Attacks now knock enemies away. (Added Secondary skill: Taunt)
- Naga Myrmidon: Added Secondary skill: Water Trap.
- Necromancer: Added Secondary skill: Corpse Explosion.
- Paladin: Added Secondary skill: Smite.
- Peasant: Added Secondary skill: Play Dead.
- Revenant: Added Secondary skill: Death and Decay.
- Eredar Warlock: Finger of Death deals 66% of current health as damage, instead of setting health to 1. (Added Secondary skill: Warp)
- Pirate: Added Secondary skill: Board.
- Red Dragon: Added Secondary skill: Breath of Fire.
- Shaman: Added Secondary skill: Purge.
- Sorceress: Deals more damage, but at far slower attack rate. The speed and range of her projectiles has been lowered. (Added Secondary skill: Sabbath)
- Space Marine: Added Secondary skill: Grenade.
- Spider: Slow Poison deals 5 damage per second, instead of 10. Health increased to 72 from 48.
- Summoner: Added Secondary skill: Blink.
- Sludge: Sticky Aura 25% less effective. (Added Secondary skill: Slime)
- Spirit of the Night: Movement speed reduced to 210 from 250. (Added Secondary skill: Terror)
- Succubus: Added Secondary skill: Steal Breath.
- Vampire: Added Secondary skill: Beckon.
- Warlock: Added Secondary skill: Firebolt.
Map Description Generator 「By Vengeancekael」

arena, rounds, deathmatch

Arena Thing 1.05 (Map)

22:40, 20th Jul 2015 Shadow Fury: A fast-paced randomized arena game where there is no room for slow reflexes and tiny errors. The game is based both on luck and on your skills to control various characters in one game, one after the other. You die,...
  1. 22:40, 20th Jul 2015
    Shadow Fury: A fast-paced randomized arena game where there is no room for slow reflexes and tiny errors. The game is based both on luck and on your skills to control various characters in one game, one after the other. You die, you get a new character. The 50 characters themselves are not balanced but that's what makes a randomized arena game exciting. Will you get a good character or a bad one? In either cases, you'll deal with it.
    The aesthetics aren't surely the strong point of the map nevertheless the gameplay is enjoyable and that's what matters after all.
    The Shredder and Infernal Engine have some special auto-move system that allows them to move alone and spin around themselves yet that spinning event occurs when it should not. However, this could provide challenging to some players by giving them the opportunity of trying to master the machines' clumsy movements.
    Overall the map is approved with a rating of 3/5. Good job.
  2. Lord_Disasthorm


    Sep 7, 2014
    Hmm.... another arena.... well, sounds good to try this one.... good job on you!
  3. Sh4kE


    Mar 7, 2009
    Description: First of all, your map descriptions is not complete. Add atleast some Screenshots, or better a video.

    Idea: I like your idea, it combines new features with old features. Everyone knows hero arenas, this one is special. Every death a new "champion" with a unique spell. Its fast paced, you dont have to play for long with one hero, the cooldowns are short. The map idea is kind of innovative.
    Gameplay: I love skillshot arenas, but this one doesnt feel like one. The shots are too fast, the player movement is too slow. I cant avoid shots. The heroes change very fast, but anyways most of the units ive played get boring after 2-3 hits ive made.
    The powerups are fun, people try to get these objectives ( but sometimes arent rewarding enough).
    Another point is the shop, its totaly useless and breaking the game flow. You should kick this feature our, it doenst help your main features.

    Balancing: I know the unbalanced units are intentional, but this is the thing I rly dont like in this map. I try to make plays as much as I can, but if you get a realy bad hero, you simply lose. I think you should buff the realy bad ones, its okey to have some overpowered units, but not these total underpowered lame units.
    Leveldesign: Its horrible, everything looks the same, its flat and thats it. Why does the map have to be generated? Try to make atleast one good terrain, this is just horrible and looks like a prototype.

    Overall: I still like this arena, it has some points to work on, but its fun. I dont think I will play it much, but for a short few rounds its great. Could be great for a lan party with some friends.

    If I can help you with some of the balancing or game design just write me.
  4. Abodaa


    Nov 5, 2013
    Good game But..

    There are some points that u have really to change:
    -Terrain is really nasty
    Try make it better by putting some trees and rocks etc..
    -Unfair Heroes ( If u get the good hero from the first of the game you simply win)
    -Why the beastmaster's ability needs no mana and lasts for infinite seconds?
    -The map is too small ( even the large ) for large number of players

    I Truly like your idea..and the description of the map was amazing :alol: XD
    The game is enjoyable with power-ups and I like the optional mode when host so that I will hardly get bored of the game :as:

    I will give you 3/5 until you fix the errors
  5. WhiteFang


    Jul 6, 2014
    Gotta love the name xD
    Will definitely play this in my free time
  6. Darkfish


    Mar 20, 2010
    The terrain IMO should stay how it is, because it changes with the map settings and unit abilities. It's cluttered with corpses, explosions and particles as it is, I don't think adding more visual vomit like shrubs would add any more gameplay. Besides, Rocks are part of some units abilities.
  7. Eat_Bacon_Daily


    Jan 4, 2014
    Amazingly fun map! I love playing this with my friends. Every unit is fun and intuitive and the more poeple you got the more fun it is!
  8. Eat_Bacon_Daily


    Jan 4, 2014
    Awesome! A new version!