Chart a Course

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
"Not all who wander are lost"

Made this while practicing animation. Modelled and animated from scratch. Uses ingame textures. Includes a basic version, as well as maps from throughout Azeroth.
Designed to be used as an effect, but I've included a camera so it could be used as an item or unit.

If you'd like to use this for effects such as the Far Seer's Far Sight ability (which don't use a death animation, but simply birth+stand) you can delete the Stand sequence and rename the original Death sequence to Stand. That should give you a seamless transition.

Added a blank version (Chart a Course_Blank.mdx) so you can apply a texture of your choice by replacing white.blp.

Open source as always. Feel free to modify to your liking, credits will do fine.

Chart a Course (Model)

Chart a Course Ashenvale (Model)

Chart a Course AshenvaleEx (Model)

Chart a Course Azeroth (Model)

Chart a Course Barrens (Model)

Chart a Course BarrensEx (Model)

Chart a Course Blank (Model)

Chart a Course Broken Isles (Model)

Chart a Course Dalaran (Model)

Chart a Course Icecrown (Model)

Chart a Course Lordaeron (Model)

Chart a Course LordaeronEx (Model)

Chart a Course Northrend (Model)

Chart a Course Outland (Model)

Chart a Course Quel'Thalas (Model)

Chart a Course Tutorial (Model)

Useful set of special effects! Works in-game. Approved! For the variations, I'd suggest adding frames/borders for the map. ;D