This bundle is marked as director's cut. It meets all expectations and excels in every regard.
Animations by donut3.5, mesh and unwrap by me, textures by blizzard, SFX made by WILLTHEALMIGHTY, as well as some mdl changes. Enjoy.

Now, the light object is fixed, added sound on death, gave different portrait, non looping birth animations.

chaos, demon, citadel, inferno, infernal, main, building

ChaosCitadel (Model)

[APPROVED] General Frank: - Mesh, Animations and utilisation of textures are very well done. Approved.
Level 11
May 11, 2008
2-3 months to do it wow long time indeed. Look's great I was hoping to use it in my Warhammer map but if only the lava and the flames was blue cause it's for the Tzeentch's Inevitable city (for those who don't know what Tzeentch is he's a dark god of Chaos, the lord of change in other word's he has a f**k up world he live's in, his fav color is purple and blue)
Level 32
Nov 24, 2007
This is so sick. I just have to say, its awesom and anyone that says anything else is purely stupid. :p I cant think of ANY better building model, and maybe not a better model at all... <.<
I can indeed say this model is TotallyAwesome. Best building with ingame textures I've ever seen in this database, and a great use for a demonic race. XD
Good job, HT, donut3.5 and Will.

Only two small bugs that can easily be fixed:
- The Birth animations aren't set to Non-Looping. Birth animations should NOT loop.
- The model lacks a death sound. I suggest the huge explosion sound from the human town hall.
Level 22
Jun 23, 2007
theres a problem with the updated model. the chains are green, and whenever i do "iseedeadpeople", the entire map turns a shade of yellowish green. it also screws up alot of skins. i changed the model to something else, and its fixed. please update this again.
Level 6
Feb 6, 2008
Hey, I'm working on a map, and I imported it into World Editor. Oddly enough, when I placed a building with this model, everything suddenly had a bright yellow glow on it, as if there was a yellow light coming from the right side. Also, when I opened the map, the glow wouldn't appear until the Chaos Citadel came into the screen, after which it would stay until I closed the map or removed the Chaos Citadel. I haven't checked in-game, but is it supposed to do that in World Editor?

Here's some screenshots I took, and hopefully you understand what I am referring to. (lol, if you look carefully, you can see that a lot of the units there are various models from the Hive Workshop.)

Without the Chaos Citadel:

With the Chaos Citadel:

Other than that, this model is really cool. I love all that detail that went into the model. Keep up your good work.
Level 6
Feb 6, 2008
Hmm... It still has a yellow glow on my computer. Did I leave out any steps?
1. Re-download file
2. Extract and replace old .mdx file with the new one
3. Re-import and replace the older imported file into the map
4. Save, close, and re-open the map

Edit: Oh, nevermind. Ha ha, silly me. I forgot to close and re-open World Editor.
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