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[Aeon of Strife] Champions of Azeroth : HotS-Inspired MOBA w/ AI (Alpha Release)

Discussion in 'Map Development' started by Planetary, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Planetary


    Feb 7, 2020
    Hello everyone,

    I am releasing an early alpha version of a passion project I have been working on with the release of Reforged. This is a MOBA/AoS inspired by an old mod I played over a decade ago by the name of SMotA, which had a basic theme of "turn every Warcraft 3 unit into a hero."

    However, this map is quite unique compared to your typical power creep, DotA-style AoS as typically seen in WC3. It's heavily influenced by Heroes of the Storm's design philosophy, featuring core themes (or "hooks") with every hero, shared team leveling, simplified "item" acquisition, quicker time-to-kill, and generated objectives which try to control for average game length.

    Items are personalized to the hero you select, and cannot be acquired by other heroes. They mimic the "talent" concept from HotS, empowering particular abilities or adding specific effects to your hero (versus simple stat boosts).

    The map mechanics are mostly complete. My intent with this release is to see how it is received. The botched Reforged launch has left me skeptical if it's worth putting more time into the project. Let me know what you think!

    Feature: AI

    I've taken a stab at a more complex system than I am used to. With that comes my first attempt at artificial player agents. Its unofficial name is Doltish AI, and you can enable it via the -ai command. It is currently rudimentary, but it allows you to play solo and experiment (it was basically made for personal testing). If I get brave enough, I have tentative plans to package it up and release it as a public resource when it is less doltish. It has been invaluable in testing the general flow and balance of the map!

    Feature Pipeline

    These major features are currently in the backlog:
    - Forest Camps 2.0 - complete revamp of capturable forest camps: new abilities, tougher to capture, more rewarding when captured, improved minimap identifiers
    - Doltish AI 2.0 featuring Morale System - overhauled state engine for Doltish AI and unique hero profiles (right now, the agent simply cycles through active abilities with a basic priority layout)

    Known Issues

    - May occasionally experience aberrant behavior with movement abilities interacting with each other (WIP via a state engine refactor)
    - Items at Hero Shops do not have hotkeys (old problem of adding item stock via a script so that it can be removed; hotkey gets removed)
    - Doltish AI earns its title; it's not very smart (yet), and you may see them perfoming overzealous charges into the front line or waddling around aimlessly at times

    Alpha Notes

    - More items are planned for heroes; neutral heroes do not currently have their personalized shops implemented (use Fanciful Trinkets until then)
    - Fanciful Trinkets is an alpha testing shop that will be removed when items are finalized for every hero
    - Items and heroes may be out of balance; many play sessions have been had to do a "first pass" on numbers but feedback is welcome

    Map Preview:

    Expand to view terrain


    Champions of Azeroth - Alpha

    A fast-paced MOBA which attempts to bring classic Warcraft III units to life as themed heroes in a struggle between the Horde and the Alliance. Earn shared experience for your team, acquire unique items, and complete objectives to destroy the enemy's base.

    Victory Condition

    Win the game by destroying the enemy Castle as Horde, or the enemy Fortress as Alliance.


    Objectives will occasionally spawn around the battlefield.

    Current objective pool:

    Duel of Champions - Champions will spawn at the center of the battlefield for each faction. The surviving champion will be recruited to push down each lane.

    Base Progression

    Siege Units spawn every 3rd minion wave and gain increased health, attack speed, and attack damage for every enemy base you destroy.

    Global Experience

    Experience is global and shared between your allies.

    Defeat enemy minions, enemy heroes, and complete objectives to gain experience for your faction.

    You are awarded 100 gold every 3 levels to purchase an item for your hero. You can only purchase items from your personalized hero shop or the fanciful trinkets vendor.


    Items are unique to your chosen hero and can be purchased from your personal Hero Shop, which resides at your faction's base. Items empower your abilities or hero with specific features.

    (Alpha Feature) The Fanciful Trinkets vendor offers items for heroes with an incomplete item catalog. Every player can choose to purchase items from it until it is removed.

    You are awarded 100 gold every 3 levels to purchase an item for your hero.

    Forest Camps

    Forest Camps can be found in each faction's forest.

    Downing a Forest Camp unit adds that unit to your siege weapon wave in either the top or bottom lane. Siege weapons are deployed every 3rd minion wave for both factions.

    Captured forest creatures alternate between being placed in the top lane and bottom lane for your faction, gaining increased attack damage and health while they fight for you.

    Some forest creatures offer powerful buffs to the hero that lands the killing blow. These are notated on the minimap via dark green and dark blue (!).

    Camps respawn every 6 minutes.

    Game Modes

    The host (player 1) can initiate game modes within the first 45 seconds of the game by typing the highlighted commands via chat (enter each command separately):

    Unlock Factions (-uf): Horde and Alliance heroes become available for both teams.

    Fast Mode (-fm): Doubles experience gain and disables the structure power creep system (buildings will no longer increase in health and damage as the game progresses).

    AI Computer Players (-ai): Generates A.I. profiles for empty player slots. CAUTION: this system is currently in a rudementary state; your experience may vary. Recommended for single player practice and testing only.

    Fast Start (-fs): Immediately initializes forest camps, bypassing the 45 sec prep period (if other modes are desired, use this after enabling them). This mode is mostly for personal testing purposes and is normally not to be used.

    Hero Classification

    Eliminator - takes out individual enemy heroes with finesse.
    Warrior - directly engages in combat with increased durability.
    Support - supports allies with spells or healing.
    Mage - nukes enemies or uses combos.
    Tank - soaks damage and interrupts the front line for allies.
    Builder - reinforces your team's lanes with minions.

    Technical Credits

    Bribe - Damage System v5 (Lua)
    Bribe - Unit Indexer (Lua)
    Bribe - Global Initialization (Lua)
    Bribe - Timer Utils
    Maker - Arcing Text Tag v1.0.0.3 by (Lua)
    G00dG4m3 - Heroic Leap (GUI Inspiration)
    Mythic - Nether Blast, Conflagration, Ember, Nether Missile
    MiniMage - Fish, Dead Fish

    Current Roster




    Should support both SD and HD graphics, though all testing was done via SD. Let me know if you run into HD artifacts.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Mar 27, 2020 at 4:26 PM
  2. Planetary


    Feb 7, 2020
    Hello everyone,

    I have been busy getting this project into a release state. All major features have been implemented and I think are in a satisfactory state. All that's left is extending item catalogs and the hero roster. Notated below are the major updates:

    Update: Alpha 1.01
    - AI generation no longer causes a desync
    - lots of Doltish AI improvements (they gained an IQ point or two): agents acquire items, learn ultimate, clear minion waves, engage w/ objective
    - completed personalized item catalogs for neutral heroes
    - lots of bug fixes, map optimizations, and QOL changes

    The map feels pretty good so far and has its own character, though there are a ton of improvements to be made (especially to the AI).

    Update Edit for 3/27: attached v1.01b, which includes various agent bug fixes.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Mar 27, 2020 at 4:27 PM