Cauldron over the Fire

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Well, to make a long story short, it's a cauldron, that bubbles and fizzes.
I used the Fire Pit Pig doodad, tweaked around with it, added a cauldron and tweaked in ropes to hold up the cauldron over the fire. Then added bubbles and smoke and whatnot on top of that.

It's a simple geomerge, but I suppose It might be useful? Uses ingame textures.
That's.. about it. Made it during the night because I couldn't sleep. Enjoy.

As suggested by Misha, moved it up a little.

Edit x2:
The new image didn't appear to be showing, linking it here.


Edit x3:
Removed a texture and re-textured the rope. Wood as a texture to a rope looks surprisingly well. It's not a drastic change, most people wont be able to tell the difference from before and now. Saves 1kb. XD

Edit x4:
Finally figured out how to remove stuff during certain animations. I'm not sure if I should remove everything though, not even the ingame firepit does that. Also, gave it a imaginative name. FirepitCauldron. Yes. That'll work.

Fire Pit, Cauldron, Bubbles

Cauldron over the Fire (Model)

Frankster : Might be useful as simple doodad. Works in-game and performs quite well. Approved.




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Frankster :
Might be useful as simple doodad.
Works in-game and performs quite well.
Level 25
Jun 5, 2008
looks cool, although you could try some other texture for the cauldron.. and to extent up a bit that rack that holds it.. it shouldn't be that close to the fire

I actually like the texture of the cauldron, it was a pain getting the texture to look good. Now it looks kinda worn down, old, rusty. Which was what I was going for.

Might move it up a little bit though.
Level 25
Jun 5, 2008
How about cauldron with human head or fresh hand in it, (hand still alive and have some animation)

That would require me to animate stuff. I don't really know how to do that, this is basically only a mesh and particle effects.
Besides, you wouldn't be able to see those things in game due to the smoke. Also, the portrait wouldn't show it either.
Level 25
Jun 5, 2008
The steam pretty much covers the cauldron nonstop though. The only way to see that the bubbles isn't everywhere is by scaling it up a lot. Also, I tried to get more bubbles before..
It's just, when I get an even bubbling throughout the whole cauldron, the bubbles also pop up on the sides, outside of the cauldron. ;/
every single survival map creator out there is thanking you for your support

7.5/10 just because i have been looking for this for YEARS

and trying to make do with random other stuff. that didnt really work too well.

mabe a less green inner water replaced with a more blue inner water, or mabe just another option colored of water. idk. just being picky now,

pretty chill. some awsome birth animation of it being randomly spun into existence like a web of materials, and death animation of everything catastrophically falling apart and splashing would be even more chill