Can't join/host custom game anymore

There are a few custom game I used to play without problem before last patch, but now when I try to join the lobby I get insta kicked back to battlenet, same behavior when I try to host them.
I kinda want to know why, that's basically the only custom I used to play. Here's a small list :

-Hero Line Wars RoC 5.5
-Jungle Troll Reborn 5.8
-Bleach vs One Piece new world 4.0

Note : I can host & play Jungle Troll Reborn 5.6
Level 16
Jun 13, 2016
The short answer is that they're broken with the new patch.

The long answer is, there's any number of reasons that could be causing that:
1) Certain kinds of map protection have been known to break maps with patches.
2) Reliance on several bugs like the typecast bug, which if fixed would break maps.
3) Random regressions introduced by the new patch. As an example, I've had this happen to one of my maps when the word "alias" became a reserved keyword in JASS in 1.29, which my map happened to use, and which caused my map script to become invalid.

You can try and see if there's anything out of the ordinary in the WC3 log file. Unfortunately, there's probably little you can do either way to fix them, unless you're willing to spend several hours troubleshooting and editing the map to see what works.
Thank for the explanation, since december 1st I've seen lot of map which are just broken, I can tell that Island Troll Tribes version made like 2 years ago just crash to desktop during loading screen. Also noticed a texture which has been removed with latest patch, I think it was used for the blight mushroom tree.
Still I am wondering why my buddy can host/join a map, but I can't, I happen to have the game in french, might try the english version, who knows?