Cannot interact with model

So I created model, futuristic doors, with animations but not and with uv mapping. Before I apply texture I want to test it in game. Model is editeable mesh, in 3ds max, with animations done with bones, and model have, with out bones 6 objects. In unity editor everithing works fine, I can scale it, rotate, move, also in preview I can se animations that I have separatet, and changed rig to legacy. I have java script so it plays open animation and moves doors, I also added print doors are clicked, just to know if function (onmousedown) is triggered. And yes I attache script to the model. But when I start gamd (ctrl-p) nothing happens even when I click 100 times. I attache same script to simple cube and it works with it. Even when I try some stuped update fction about moving doors it is not working. Why?
Maybe it is because collieder, I cannot create it.

i didnt know I need and how to add collieder to imported models. Solved
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