3ds Max 9 invisible model with multiple attachments

Level 9
Oct 2, 2005
I want to do a kind of an evolution map.

The main model is made of a complex bone set, that combines a biped fully animated set of bones, and in the same model a set of bones that represent a four legged base for this character, and an eight legged one, three legged, everything together. Every mesh will be animated, but invisible. Since they will have attachment points, they will move their attachments with the bones, and only the objects attached to used bones will be shown.
This way, it would be possible to make an only model, for every creature, and depending on the attachments it would look different.

To a clearer explanation, a LOT of bones will be moved when the hero walks, dies or attacks, but only the attachments to the used bones will be shown.

But I know that the Dex'impexp scripts to convert the max files to mdx sometimes do no good to the animations, so, I wonder if it would be possible to make using only 3ds max 9.