can someone make 4 tiles for me all of them need two variations

Level 8
Jan 12, 2010
Oh, so your recreating the four sectors of Lyoko huh? Thats very cool wonder if you'll do the 5th sector too. :grin:

And Darks right, Warcraft has all of the tiles you need to create the four main sectors, Icecrown and Northrend for the Ice Sector, Barrens for the Desert Sector, Ashenvale and Lordaeron Summer for the Forest Sector and using a combination of rocky terrain from various tilesets for the Mountain Sector.

You don't have to make custom everything for your map, adepting existing warcraft elements to work for your needs can help save file space and alot of time and effort, as well as being fun to make things work for you.

Intrested to see your finished map. :thumbs_up: