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Campaing won't load a map...

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Level 3
Jun 11, 2005
So I made a campaing out of two maps (for now). The first one is available, the second one has to be unlocked. Maps run fine, everything is ok (or so it seemed). Load up the game, pick up the custom campaing, start the campaing and when I choose the first map, something like:
"Internal Error Map couldn't be loaded" or something in those lines.

I am 100% sure that a custom imported file is the cause, because I eliminated every file in it and it worked... the problem is, I need those custom files AND out of 100 files imported, its hard to detect which one is failing (and I've already cleaned all custom sounds/music/icons, just models and their textures left...). Is there any way to simplify the process of solving this??
Not open for further replies.