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Campaing screen

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Level 31
Jun 27, 2008
I believe you do need a proper .MDX model in order to set campaign screen, but I may be wrong.

I saw at Hive available screens to download somewhere.

Once you have it, set it here:

Level 8
Apr 26, 2011
I cant find anywhere ;/ tutorial about making CAMPAING SCREEN.. not LOADING SCREEN... someone can give me link to tutorial ?? i wanna there my main hero standing... make normally stand animation.. and there will be some fire`s etc...

base on what I understand.

It is too hard to modified CAMPAING SCREEN or loading screen's ".mdx", next to impossible.

if you found any map with custom CAMPAING SCREEN or animation loading screen, then you should email the map owner to ask them how to do to.
Level 4
Aug 22, 2008
The Campaign screen is a .mdx, which is a model file. Therefore through modelling you can create a .mdx file and then import it into the campaign file and assign as described by APproject.

The loading screen .mdx is also a model but the texture of the loading screen is applied as a texture to this file. There are tutorials and I even came across a program that can script certain panning, zooming etc. to make the loading screen move.

HuanAk said:
It is too hard to modified CAMPAING SCREEN or loading screen's ".mdx", next to impossible
I think that is quite an over-statement!
The WarCraft III Campaigns which were created by the developer Blizzard, have the Campaign screens' .mdx files in the Warcraft .mpq files.

No requirement to Email people who have created custom campaign loading screens, and ask them how they have done so. It is just that, creating beautiful and highly detailed campaign screens is something that many people don't have enough time, or are just not up to the task -that is why these custom models are so rare in custom campaigns.

If your thinking a custom .mdx is hard, reality is it is quite the opposite:
Highly Detailed Model + Primary Camera within Model => The game will pick up the camera, like in custom models which are used for the portrait view of a character. Done.

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