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[Campaign] Campaign mission ideas

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Level 6
Jul 8, 2018
I've recently started making a campaign and I was wondering what other people will think about some of the missions put in.

On the first map, you get 2 new units. 1 hero and one ground unit. These units both have the ability to mind control enemies without sacrificing themselves. The main quest is to get through a lot of trees behind you get a boat to the other side of the map and then fight through a Human blockade to win. However, after you reach the start of the blockade it increases in strength every 10 minutes. Back at your main base in front of you is another ally that will protect you however after 15 minutes a gate will be destroyed resulting in them being an attack. Then in another 15 minutes, the other gate is destroyed. Basically, the map is designed in a way where you have to quickly escape build a small base on the blockaded island and then destroy the enemy.
Not open for further replies.