Burning Crusade Campaign DEMO

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Burning Crusade Campaign DEMO

-Blizzard Entertainment
-Jolly D
-Uncle Fester
-Marcos DAB
-Blood Raven
-Darkmoon Hero
-Destructor [DoR]
-The D3ath
-Apheraz Lucent

-Blizzard Entertainment
[email protected]
-Dan van Ohllus
-Mr. Bob
-Blood Raven
-Ujimasa Hojo
-Azure Dragon Elementalist
-The Weird Human
-Mechanical Man
-Scythy Dervish
-Wandering Soul
-Dwarven Paladin
-Truespin Fishbrain
-Uncle Fester
-Vermillion Edict


Burning Crusade Campaign (Campaign)

Shar Dundred
Having played quite a bit from this campaign, I have to support @MasterBlaster's point. The gameplay just isn't interesting enough to keep the player going. For the time being, I will put this into Substandard. I will gladly re-review it when you...
Level 6
Mar 25, 2018
bit of a surprise to see a campaign getting released so soon before reforge launch

none of your screen shots wrok, and theres some typos in the description area, may also want to put more into the description to fit with standard submission rules
Level 16
Feb 23, 2014
One was a newb camp this is going to be my personal masterpiece.
I don't want to be impolite, but I've played through a bit of your first map and... uhm, let's say you're pretty far from creating a "masterpiece".

I haven't played enough to give a full review, but my biggest issue is that the core gameplay loop is just boring. It's just not entertaining to right-click a monster and wait a minute until your hero basically auto-attacks it to death. Early games lacks any depth, strategy, challenge and quite franky - fun. If I were to give any recommendations, you should reduce the health of low level mobs, put more of them on the map and add more early-game abilities for the hero to make the combat more dynamic.
Level 1
Dec 22, 2017
Why cant i open the campgain i paste it to documents(campgain) but when i launch the game it isnt in my custom campgain.Any help?
Level 3
Mar 11, 2020
great one when are you unleashing the full release i played the demo and i must say its great like awesome need the full version also there are some minor bugs but nothing major looking forward to play the full version
Level 1
Aug 27, 2014
Hi. I'm playing TBC campaign since I play the WotLK one and greatly enjoyed it. I mean I God damn love it. Anyway I'm stock in TBC because I already kill Magtheridon and Kael but the steam vaults gate just won't open. Any advice? I'm playing version 1.14 the one you did before WotLK

Thank you!!!