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Burning Crusade Campaign V: 1.1211

Submitted by Spitekilled
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.

This campaign is about World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade. It takes place in a different place in time however, and Uther is still alive. He will be the main character. Why he is still alive is explained later in the campaign. We start off with the opening of the Dark Portal, into Outland. The Alliance, wanting to enter and find out what happened to their soldiers sent there years ago, end up upsetting many Demons and Fel Orcs. Later when in Outland, you find your allies in Honor Hold. From here the war against the forces of Outland, begins.


1.You start off by controlling one hero at a time. Most heroes already have a set of abilities learned, but you will go through some quests to learn and upgrade abilities for one of your heroes. As you progress you will meet and acquire more heroes. You will soon be in control of up to 12 heroes and take them through Burning Crusade raids, example Serpentshrine Cavern/The Eye (Tempest Keep).

2. What you want to achieve in this type of game play. Control of 12 heroes through some very aggressive boss battles. Types of boss encounters can range anywhere from a simple tank and spank, add control, to a very complex Kael' Thas and Vashj fight. (All tested and beatable w/o cheats) :D

3. Finally, if you really enjoyed World of Warcraft's the Burning Crusade, this is a small way of reliving those days. Due to balancing issues and it being my FIRST campaign, I did not incorporate leveling.



Norinrad: Ogre Gladiator
Frankster: Fel Orc Rampager, Hero Bloodelf Swordmaster, Bloodelfwarrior, Chaos General
-Grende: Fel Orc Warlock, Felorc Brutelord, Naga Stealthviper
Tarrasque: Incursor, Naga Medusa
Misha: High Warlord Naj'entus, Naga DeepStalker
armel: Naga Enchantress
Tenebis: Hero Bloodknight
Sellenisko: MotherShahraz, ProhetVelen, DraeneiAnchorite
dickxunder: Tidebaron
Devine: Blood Elf Paladin
Dan van Ohllus: Archmage without his horse
All from Hiveworshop.com
and Darkranger002: Gronn model from Legendaryorpg.ucoz.com

Also credit to the people at Blizzard for the Story line.


V: 1.1. Added over 100 customized items, new heroes, secret items, and bosses.
V: 1.03. Deleted some cinematics, added color to certain items, and continued to improve on Blade's Edge terrain.
V: 1.04. Added more tile sets and environmental doodads to all maps. Added Magtheridon Volcano ability, gave Morogrim Tidewalker water Globules and watery grave ability. Added item Corrupted Core for Lady Vashj fight. Added ability starfall to High Astromancer Solarian. added ability enrage and magic impale to Thaladred the Darkener. Fixed ability Volcano for Supremus.

Gameplay Screenshots

Image Description:


Gameplay Screenshots

Image Description:


Gameplay Screenshots

Image Description:
Lady Vashj


Gameplay Screenshots

Image Description:


Gameplay Screenshots

Image Description:

Please advise me of any bugs, I'm still working on all the maps terrain improvement.

Wow, World of warcraft, Burning Crusade, Spitekilled

Burning Crusade Campaign V: 1.1211 (Campaign)

» Vengeancekael:[c] 「Profile :: Hive Staff」 » Reasons: Poor and lacking Terrain: Terrain Tutorial Poor Gameplay, not a lot of originality or fun: General Mapping Tutorials » Comment: / » Rules: [c] 「Map Submission」 » Contact: [c] 「Staff...
    • » Vengeancekael:[c] Profile :: Hive Staff
      » Reasons:

      Poor and lacking Terrain: Terrain Tutorial
      Poor Gameplay, not a lot of originality or fun: General Mapping Tutorials

      » Comment:

      » Rules: [c] Map Submission
      » Contact: [c] Staff Contact
      ! 'Reasons' are automated !

    • Verdict
      + Uh... Burning Crusade recreation?
      - Unpolished
      - Boring
      - Lacking terrain

      The map is extremely unpolished, remove selection circles during cutscenes, pause units during cutscenes so that they don't suddenly start attacking nearby enemies.
      A night elf Archer saying "sir" is very odd and not very elf-like.
      The second chapter is useless, just implement it into the first/third chapter.
      Overall bad camera work, try moving around the cam constantly and don't move it through cliffs/ground.
      Some angles are also awkward, like the first dialogue with Ysiel, it's just the ground and you can barely see the player. Plus it lags because of the distant sight.
      The game is very boring with the default skills.
      The terrain starts degrading over time, the first & second chapters are acceptable, but then the third chapter has an empty terrain, missing details like flowers, water doodads, etc.
    • [tr][tab=Other]
      • Clear selection circles during cutscenes
      • 'Book of Light' has a usable icon visual
      • 'Book of Light' = 'Paladin's Amulet'
      • Apply cinematic mode right at the beginning of the 1st chapter

      Moderated Version: Initial
      Date: 22/Mar/2013 03:19:34[/tab][/tr]
  1. I_Am_The_Prophet


    Dec 29, 2012
    I Like The Campaign But How Do You Get To Play World Of Warcraft Burning Crusade
    I Don't Know How LOL!!!
  2. Spitekilled


    May 17, 2012
    You can start at battle.net to find it, but they are on a different ex-pac now.