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Sword, Strike, by, kaplan, horus

BTNSwordStrike (Icon)

17:47, 5th Sep 2011 [email protected]: Looks rather boring and still. The metal looks ok but thats it really. Not really exciting 13 Sept 2011 [email protected]: No significant changes made.
For your first, it's fine, but hiveworkshop has higher standards than this (or it used to...).
I suggest increasing the amount of colored area in the inside to make the borders thinner, as well as doing something with that background. For example, the simplest background, but quite effective, would be a swirl of one color, whatever you decide. For this, red would probably fit best. To do this, you would use a faded brush and simply swirl it around.
Also, just a quick secret on how to get good-looking blood with only a paint brush: Set the brush to scatter, the color to red, and lower the opacity of the brush. Drag this around a bit, then let go of the mouse, click again and drag this around a bit, do this process until you have full blood droplets everywhere you need, with proper shading and highlights. If you want me to demonstrate this, you'll need to wait until next week, when I go to my mom's house (it's 80 miles away, can't just pick up and leave anytime), and I'll show you layer-by-layer then.
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Mar 18, 2009
Read some 2d tutorials. Don't pay too much attention to details, they won't show once you resize it. Also, try to keep things realistic. Example: There should only be 1 light source, add shades and highlights accordingly.

Well light sources could come from all sorts of directions like water and mirror reflections so 1 source is irrelevant.

Anyways, the red part could be larger since the re size makes it look like a mere corner.