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This was requested by Tank-Commander and was supposed to be his award icon for Zephyr Contest #12, and because of me being busy and can't respond to him very well, he used Peekay's icon. I'm really sorry for this, I've uploaded it because I think it is useful, enough.

divine, envoy, elemental, fire, poison, ice, water, wisp, explosion

BTNElementalSpin (Icon)

06:45, 13th Jul 2015 Apheraz Lucent: One word: Breathtaking.
Though the elementals are nicely represented, their colors(fire and nature)could be more vibrant.
Also, the icon looks crowded. All are too close to each other and it looks static, it lacks perspective.
If i was u, i'd have left a little more space between elementals and the middle orb.
I would've zoomed out a bit, and i'd have tried to induce motion, drawing in perspective.
It's all about perspective:

static >

Level 12
Jan 2, 2016
OMG! That's EXACTLY what I needed ( or at least 70% of what I had imagined, but more than good enough :D )!
I even made a request for someone to make something like this in the request section (but nobody did) :p
Incidentally found it while looking for another icon :D
Gonna rate it 5/5 anyways :)