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Brutasaurus, Brontosautus, Brachiosaurus, whatever it is, here is your long neck prehistoric-lizard-elephant. Comes in different color, with Ancient and Normal variation.

Special thanks to @HerrDave to help me out to fix and finalize this model, its been so long since I done Warcraft Model, I have forgotten many things, without @HerrDave 's help, this can't be completed.

Screenshot by @HerrDave

Be sure to give credits to me and @HerrDave and enjoy

Changelog: Fixed Extents for high HP bar and Unclickable Problem

Reccommended Scaling for model is 0.7

Ancient Azure Brutasaurus (Model)

Ancient Black Brutasaurus (Model)

Ancient Bronze Brutasaurus (Model)

Ancient Green Brutasaurus (Model)

Ancient Red Brutasaurus (Model)

Azure Brutasaurus (Model)

Black Brutasaurus (Model)

Bronze Brutasaurus (Model)

Green Brutasaurus (Model)

Red Brutasaurus (Model)

Undead Brutasaurus (Model)

Jurassicly appealing! Nice animations and variations. Although, for the undead unit I'd suggest adding a collision sphere due to how thin it is to be selected in-game. Changes made. Works in-game. Approved!

General Frank

Model Moderator
Level 69
Nov 19, 2005
There is something wrong with the model. You cannot click-select it, only box-selecting works. Recalculating the extents might fix the issue, but it also might make the hit points/status bar way too high.
You can circumvent the latter issue by making portrait plane small and scaling it up in the portrait animation sequences.
Please fix these issues.
Level 8
Jul 12, 2018
Very cool. The "saddle" piece of the back seems a little maladjusted to its connecting parts on the non undead versions, it's higher up and disappears from some flat-ish angles. Normally wouldn't matter but considering it's built to be huge i think it could be noticeable.