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A bloody Villager Zombie. He has scrathes and blood in his flesh and clothes. It should be a nice variation to zombie maps.

Updated; Pants added!!!

Path: Units\Critters\VillagerMan\VillagerMale.blp

This is my first skin, so i hope to see some comments!

Blood, bloody, zombie, cripple, undead, body, dead, flesh, human, scar, scars, wounded, wound

BloodyZombie (Texture)

THE_END: This is very good for a "zombie" skin actually, I like it




THE_END: This is very good for a "zombie" skin actually, I like it
Level 5
Aug 21, 2005
Darn! This looks so cool! You know what would be interesting too? It think if you make one with different knives and swords or something stuck in it. Or maybe a female and child version of this one. Dunno :wink: 4/5
Level 2
Aug 2, 2007
Well done, a nicely done villager zombie, with that I thank you. I thank you for the path given also, you have no idea how much that helps.
Level 4
Aug 31, 2007
I was thinking the scratches were too symmetrical you could change it, but its naturally fine.
Level 2
Jan 29, 2008
awsome skin. i think it's looks like the guy that pulls chains out from his skin in SAW 3 but after the chains are out. Someone should do a skin or model for the Saw puppet. that would de cool.
Level 11
Jun 21, 2007
How to make the villager model that uses this skin look like a real zombie:
Download Oinkerwinkle's Animation Transfer and follow the steps:
  1. Download WinMPQ from Tools section and open War3.mpq located inside Warcraft 3 directory with it;
  2. Find Units\Critters\VillagerMan\VillagerMan.mdx and drag it outside the WinMPQ;
  3. Download MDL/X Converter from Tools section and convert the villager's model you exported from WinMPQ;
  4. Now export the Units\Undead\Ghoul\Ghoul.mdx and convert it too. Close WinMPQ;
  5. Run AnimTransfer03.exe that you downloaded from oinkerwinkle.com;
  6. In the first line inside the application you click "..." and browse for the model of villager that you exported. In the second line you browse the model of ghoul that you exported. In the last line you browse the folder you want the output be in, and then you type the filename and push Enter. The filename must match VillagerMan.mdl ;
  7. Click Ok and wait for the model to animtransfer;
  8. Convert the model you just animtransfered, import it into your map to the following path "Units\Critters\VillagerMan\VillagerMan.mdx". Import the skin to the "Units\Critters\VillagerMan\VillagerMan.blp" path;
Level 18
Jul 14, 2008
for your first skin, it seems you are on the right track

4.5/5 because although this was your first skin, red eyes mon, you need em for zombies and you shoulda made his face blue

No the creator shouldn't change the eyes and face, because many Zombie's i have seen in films/Games (Especially CoD5) < The Zombies have red,bloody face's with yellow eyes, so i think your wrong<

Either way, really good skin, i like it 5/5 +rep