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Bloodelven Arcane Annihilator V2

Magical contraption build for the purpose of siege and anti-air defence. Uses fire and arcane magic to lob projectiles at buildings and units. Can be deployed on the ground to an immobile turret-mode for improved range and damage.
Missile fitting the model is included as the portrait.

I came up with the idea for this model a very long time ago. In 2006 I played an altered melee map with bloodelf, who had an artillery piece with similar function to that, but used the ugly bloodelf wagon model. So I decided to make a 'good' looking replica of that model years later. In 2009 I made this model, but never released it. Here it is now.

This new version has new animations, effects and mesh. All made from scratch.

Give credits if you use it in your campaign/map, DON'T distribute to other sites and DON'T edit without my permission.

Have fun with the model.

And if you have questions about the model, feel free to contact me.
Bloodelf, bloodelven, wagon, artillery, cannon, crystal, red, eagle, falcon

Bloodelven Arcane Annihilator V2 (Model)

22:05, 8th Mar 2013 Kwaliti: And another one of your tanks added to the collection!




22:05, 8th Mar 2013
Kwaliti: And another one of your tanks added to the collection!
Level 19
May 6, 2007
I... dont know. the other version was more detailed, but this one feels more blood elvish with these less details on the texture. Also it isnt a gargatuan model, so the details kinda get missed on the middle of the battle as a bubble of red and yellow.

Sometimes a bit of simplicity can make wonders. For me is a 5/5, as it is what it is, has good animations, and seens kinda flawless. Congratulations.
Level 4
Feb 1, 2012
This is very cool. I've been looking for more workshop units. My only question is can I have permission to play with the textures just to make the red parts all team color (so it could be the same model for both blood or high elves) This request also applies to really all your models since you make heavy use of the blood elf hero skin and that's a texture my custom map has altered replacing all his red armor with an alpha channel. So really all I'd be changing is adding a TC material to additional geosets.
As it has two "guns" wherever you set the projectile launch on world editor is always looks wrong as it will always come out of the same gun regardless of which animation is used. Is there a way around this?

Editor-wise you can make the model use only the slam animation for attacks.
You just need to the needed animation names to 'Attack Slam'

Or you can get a custom Projectile trigger script.