Blood Mage

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This model was made long ago and just needed the dreaded tweaks to be ready to post. Mostly ajusting the original model cape bones in the new body, and ajusting a much as possible the cape to a model with complete anatomy.

As you can see, is just a conversion using most of the BHero texture, and Villager woman face, whose face is similar with Sylvanas, Jaina and Succubi skins, so you can use any custom BM skins on Sylvanas face to create Undead or Demon versions, or Jaina and Villager woman to made human versions.

Any next update will be to create an Arthas version to use with all of Arthas skins on the database.


Added three variants, one with Arthas skin as the main base, and the other two using Arthas hair mesh.
Added a sphere variant based on the Orb of fire.
Neck and Jaw bones attached properly
Death sound changed to Sorceress.

Update: Worked on the potrait angle, and the plane Hero 6 in the ingame model was moved down during the Portrait animations to remove the shadow.

The right knee doesn't pass on the cape during Stand-2.

Blood Mage (Model)

Blood Mage 2 (Model)

Blood Mage 3 (Model)

Blood Mage 4 (Model)

Ignition Ball (Model)

General Frank
Very cool variation and edits for the normal Blood mage model. Models work in-game and perform well.
Level 2
Sep 15, 2020
Need an icon to go with this model. The fact it has additional spell animations on top of the default Blood Mage anims gives it a :thumbs_up: in my book.