Blood Troll Mage

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
This is a Troll model designed to be a "Hemomancer" or "Sangromancer" (I am not good with latin/greek), supposed to manipulate blood, cast blood related spell.

Mesh is a mix of head hunter & witch doctor.
Animation are the Draenei one, think it fit trolls well.
Texture is the head hunter one but with white/red part, I toyed with saturation filter in photoshop to achieve this.

I took inspiration from Wow Blood Troll for the skin color

So I noticed the recent contest was about blood thematic, sadly I don't have much time to consecrate to modelling at this moment, however, I digged up a model I made last year, I don't exactly remember why I didn't upload it, still I find it rather decent, thought it could inspire people a bit, I don't remember seeing any Blood Troll model on this website.

Does not include Hero glow (misleading gif)
Both portrait & model resource contain the same custom texture (200kb), I don't know if there's a cleaner way to upload.

Blood Troll Mage (Model)

Blood Troll Mage Icon (Icon)

Blood Troll Mage Portrait (Model)

I like the model. It has no issues whatsoever. The Texture, despite being a recolor, fits the model quite well. Good Job. Set to Approved. ------------------------------------------- @Kyrbi0 i summon thee here.