Blood Elf Sentry

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This is a Blood Elf variant of the Night Elf Sentry for reforged!

It took it's sweet time to re-texture, but I think it was worth it.

Features golden plates, red-tainted armor, green eyes and blond hair, all to match the Blood Elf style.

I Hope you find it useful! :)

PS: I might release a high elf version later.

Added orm texture and edited cloak diffuse in order to remove moon crescent on cloak.

Blood Elf Sentry (cloak diffuse) (Texture)

Blood Elf Sentry (cloak orm) (Texture)

Blood Elf Sentry (hair diffuse) (Texture)

Blood Elf Sentry (icon) (Icon)

Blood Elf Sentry (main diffuse) (Texture)

Blood Elf Sentry (main emissive) (Texture)

idk if u do requests, but if u do, could u possibly give her a crimson red sword/shield? i really want to use her as a blood knight unit but the weapon does not make sense :(
I would love to see that myself, but I have no experience in actually doing something like that. However, if someone does have that knowledge they would have my full support to do so.