Forged from the memory of cities in ash,
and the grave of dreams buried alive... this is the tank that howls,
"never again."

A retexture of @Deolrin and @Kwaliti's excellent Elite Siege Engine - The Übertank.

Entry for Texturing Contest #31 - Repurposing.


Blitzworgen Icon (Icon)

Blitzworgen x512 (Texture)

Approved as a contest entry. May get another rating at a later date.
Level 29
May 25, 2017
Well I guess Betsy you gotta read again.
If I make an ultra 8k HD looking texture with 2048 ratio, do you feel fair?
  • Textures mustn't be larger than 512 pixels in any dimension when submitted as final entry, though you may work in 1024 (or higher), but they must be resized down to 512, preferable 256 on equal dimension textures when submitted.
Underline part meaning you can't exceed more than 512 pixels in any dimension. This may mean you cannot go 512x1024 if you texture is rectangular but probably not the case if the og custom model use that ratio.

You can work in 1024 or higher but no matter what, you cannot go further than 512x512 in the final product. You can upload 512x512 and 256x256 together just fine but anything higher only upload outside contest.

Again, Uncle Archie go ahead confirm my info.

Remember folk, bigger ratio mean bigger canvas, the room you can sneak in the detail. Take that oppotunity and go wild with it.
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