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Black Legion Infantry (Pack)

Black Legion Infantry
- Fixed the visibility of the corpse (2/11/2022)
Base Model Credits
Unit Type
Pike and Halberdier - Melee Unit
Archer and Crossbowman - Ranged Unit
Author's Notes
Visit Johnwar's Models Discussion for updates and links for my models. :smile:

Black Legion Archer (Model)

Black Legion Archer (TC) (Model)

Black Legion Arrow Missile (Model)

Black Legion Crossbow Bolt Missile (Model)

Black Legion Crossbowman (Model)

Black Legion Crossbowman (TC) (Model)

Black Legion Halberdier (Model)

Black Legion Halberdier (TC) (Model)

Black Legion Pikeman (Model)

Black Legion Pikeman (TC) (Model)

Good rewrap on the original models. Changes made. Works in-game. Approved! I forgot to suggest this though, there's an unused animation called "Halberd" in the halberd and piker variants. It could've been a nice "Attack Slam" animation.
Level 63
Feb 14, 2018