Black arrow does not allow target and set buff

Level 2
Jul 19, 2010

I am working on the attached map. At the moment I try to optimize my triggers (especially leaks).
I created an ability based on black arrow (called it Dark Arrow (ID: A08Q ; findable under Undead units abilities) in game).
The problem is that the effect is not executed. That is, the units shot do not get a buff and thus no unit is summoned when killed.

Maybe someone can take a look and tell me why this appears.

Thanks for your support.


  • Death always wins v1.2c.w3m
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Level 11
May 16, 2020
Are you using the ability on a melee unit?

Not sure if that's the reason, but I remember having troubles with Poison Arrow on melee units (while with Ranged units it works).
I know that Fel Ravagers are Melee and use Black Arrow, so in theory it shouldn't be a problem. But maybe it's worth testing it on a Range unit and see if that fixes the issue...