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  • Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

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    I see your point have you talked about it that way with Gunslinger? I guess if you did it in the thread I just read it wrong thanks for dumbing it down :p
    Lol I'm going to post here for the sake of the thread not getting annoyingly long, I did forget to take the strength modifier into account, so wouldn't that logically just half your strength bonus?
    Actually nevermind, I just saw the project and you're already the Tech-tree person on it xD that'll work out better ;) g'luck on that!
    Hey I was applying for a project recruitment and i'm trying to pass off as a balancer, do you think I could do it...or..?
    I usually get Hayate or andreariona to do the attachments for me. BTW, the icons I make are nothing special. Just basic icons with little effects but hit me with what you got and I'll try to do it.
    Lol a bit flat xD aww geez,

    Well I do wish you luck on your race, right now I am developing a dwarf race, however... I need to develop a Faceless Race as well, Wolffman was excited to lend me his Tech-tree he has all set up for dwarves so, we are working on that, however I felt like you would be more helpful on the darker race, do you know who the faceless ones are?
    Also, I really like the way your Thread is taking off, didn't I tell you it would help? Look at all the feedback you're getting :D
    I can make icons and a little bit of modeling (removing weapons and basic geomerging) thanks. What icons do you need?
    Heyyyy so I'm recruiting people for my campaign. I was wondering if you wanted to join? There's a lot of work to be done and I cant do it all alone :3
    Maybe a tad weird, but no one would know, and I call my friends who are girls "dude" all the time.
    I'd like to know how you'd feel if you ever reached your optimal weight. Although... nah, rather not. :p
    I have just seen ur techtree about naga, and i like it, why u don't make a techtree of murlocks?
    Compelled? Nah, I was more like "Why the hell not?". :p

    Must be the thyroid then - or you're really lucky. Pretty sure, there are people who would like to have that as well. *I* wouldn't want it, however :p
    lol awww shucks xD thanks :p

    BTW you should know, I only like you for your amazing ability to create spells and races, you seem to throw the fact that you are a girl around a lot xD
    So, THIS is how you want to find out more 'bout me or what? ;P
    Allright, ya get an answer - not because I feel like I have to, but because I simply feel like doing that since this is no court or whatsoever.
    I'm around 1,88m and weigh 85 kilo. Completely normal, so yeah, I'm not as skinny as you claim to be, gamer girl, but not fat either. :p
    Btw - if ye're tellin' me the truth here - 2 meter and 60 kilo is not healthy. Even 70 is problematic. You're not anorexic, are you?
    Heh, nice try. :p
    A court can't simply judge because of what statistics say, gamer girl, that's no real evidence until you have a real proof for your theory. ;)
    Ah, emo? It's the general brooding suicidal mass of teenage angst, given form.

    When Lucy escaped in Elfen Lied, what she instantly did was to take hold of a hostage and attempt to negotiate herself out of the building and threatened to kill her if they didn't comply with her demands. They said no and she wrung the neck of the assistant and used her mangled corpse as a shield to shield herself from the gunfire. That's actually rather morbid. Her rather instant decision to grab a hostage hints at high intelligence and a manipulative nature.

    You got a point that there's no split personality. As for reasons to compare, I'm analytical by nature and will analyze everything I see. That's kinda how I am. Oh and I'm pretty sure that you're using "Prejudice and Delusion" in the wrong context. If I said that all Americans are fat, I have presented my prejudice towards Americans. If I think I will become and stay healthier if I punch fat people, I'm delusional.

    Also, thank you, I try. I figured the RP needed some sunshine. ;D
    Well, it feels more like what Elfen Lied would have been if set in a medieval setting. A vengeful amnesiac that lost her memory, with a strong desire to kill her captors. It's the amnesia aspect that makes it sing Elfen Lied, not your avatar. That in combination with "Intelligent, manipulative, morbid and most of all, broken." and "She lives her life by deceiving and using others ruthlessly, only caring for herself." enhances the feel of what Elfen Lied was.

    Because that's what Lucy did, before she fell in love with one of the main characters that she eventually sacrificed her life to protect.

    Now, your backstory may be long. But it actually doesn't say all that much.
    Her origin is shrouded in mystery thanks to the amnesia, They do explain how she gained/regained her two imbued swords however. But no one goes from losing everything to becoming a torturer unless she already was twisted.

    The story, summarized, is about a woman who escaped a research facility as a amnesiac, breaking out and looting herself two useful swords and having a man she recently met that brightened up her day result in her world being darkened further. On a related note. I thought your character had such a emo tone to it, that is why I created such a happy character. ;D
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