Biggest noob ever (contest :p)

Level 7
Dec 20, 2006
Well it's a noob server, its for noobs to practice and get better. They don't want a half decent player to come in and slaughter them all...

me?? half decent?? pah! i can kill people quick with scout than with awp, i keep trying to proove that SCOUT OWNS AWP!

Only reason I playED dbz tribute was to see them whine and complain. . .
And like I said I have stopped playing it due to its too boring and dull.

Noob has become a game swear word and so you are eithor called "new to [game name]" or you are sworn at like "OMFG YOU *ç&%ing *ç%&*ç NOOB DIE YOU *ç%&ing DAM %&ç)* NOOB!". . .

So if you are called noob expect swear words from the same player. . .

just say fuck, just say shit, we don't give a fuck about shitty under fucking 12s!