"Beautiful City" Model Pack

This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.
Этот набор моделей использовался в моей старой кампании. Включает в себя здания, башни и некоторые элементы интерьера, а также одну текстуру земли и одну «скалу». Есть импортированные текстуры

Big Palace (Model)

Big Tower (Model)

Build 1 (Model)

Build 2 (Model)

Build 3 (Model)

Build 4 (Model)

Build 5 (Model)

Build 6 (Model)

Build 7 (Model)

Build 8 (Model)

Celling Hall (Model)

Curtain (Model)

Floor Hall (Model)

Steeple (Model)

Wall Hall 1 (Model)

Wall Hall 2 (Model)

Wall Hall 3 (Model)

Wall Hall 4 (Model)

WhiteCathedral (Model)

General Frank
Description and names must be in English.
General Frank
Your models need 'Stand' and 'Death' animations atleast. The also need to follow these rules: Resource Submission Rules (Models, skins, icons, spells)


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Jan 1, 2006
I believe this can be approved. Many doodads in Warcraft doesn't have a Stand or Death animation.

If the author doesn't intend to add the animations, this is still good and useful enough to be approved. It's not broken or anything. Thus I see no reason for this to be under Awaiting Update anymore, since the author doesn't seem to intend to add the animations.

However, the description needs to be in english.