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Battle of Evermore

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Level 10
Nov 28, 2008
Battle of Evermore

Map type: AoS
Map Size: 96x64
Players: 4v4

Description: My attempt at NOT another run-of-the mill AoS map. I am trying to make the map as simple as possible, but as unique as possible. Suggestions from any/all sources are being accepted, features will be listed below. The map will play out an epic battle between two sides over a forest path. Bandits, creatures, and mythic beasts roam the forest as the fight goes on around them, and sometimes they join in!

Features Hopeful:
-12 Custom Heroes
-Spawning "Captains" that go with creeps down lanes
-Random Hero Stat increase
-Mythical Bosses
-Upgradable Heroes
-Upgradable Bases + Creeps

I am currently doing everything, and I am NOT good at terraining, so that will need another person to polish it up before it is done. Other than that this is all a one man job.

Terrain: |||||||||| 50% (of what I can do)
Units: |||||||||| 50%
Unit Abilites: |||||||||| 100%
Heroes: |||||||||| 17%
Hero Abilites: |||||||||| 17%
Triggers: |||||||||| 30%

Days Till Public Alpha: < A week


-Added Captains, Siege, Defense, and Normal.
--Siege + Defense spawn based on towers killed, and Normal can be bought for 1000g.
--All are computer controlled.
-Added Gold over time to all players
-Added Starting Gold.

Working with friend on another project, this one is going on hold...

Might not get back to it for a while, sry guys...
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