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The Battle of Hearthengale

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Level 5
Nov 7, 2005

The Battle of Hearthengale is loosely based on the Footmen Wars game type, but with a few twists. For one, across the much-larger-than-Footman-Wars map, there are nine scattered House Points, which you can capture.
House Points can be upgraded to either Warrior's Lodgings, Ranger's Lodgings or Cavalry's Lodgings. Lodgings increase your income and unit spawns. For each lodging you have, you gain one unit of that type each spawn interval. You start with three invulnerable Warrior's Lodgings (all others you gain are vulnerable) and cannot have Ranger's Lodgings or Cavalry's Lodgings before upgrading to Tier 1.
In order to win, one must have a good balance of rangers, cavalry and warriors.

There are, at the moment, no heros in Battle of Hearthengale, as we did not feel that they would fit in. If you feel differentally, please state your opinion, as we have not finalised that decision.

For more information on ShadowNasta Productions or Lands of Oreliathor, please visit http://z4.invisionfree.com/ShadowNasta/index.php?act=idx.

We hope that you enjoy this map, but keep in mind that this is an alpha version.

~Tiranasta, ShadowNasta Productions~
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