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Dawn of Battle AoS - v2.4 is complete.

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Jul 27, 2008
Hey, all. So I had a lot of feedback and requests over the past year, asking me to update the DoB: AoS map. Well, I spent all of my free time from June 27th until today, August 7th, working on it, and have made a LOT of significant and hopefully beneficial changes. I am very pleased with the changes I have made, and I hope that players will enjoy them as well. I will post basic information here, with a link to the map in the Hive's Map section for further information.

I have, of course, attached a copy of the map to this post - just very relieved and excited to have completed the project's largest update to date, and to share it with people. If you've never played the map, I urge you to do so (especially with some friends), because I worked very hard to make a quality map that really shines in multiplayer, and one which allows a wide variety of strategies to achieve victory.

Enjoy! - NeverDeath.


DoB AoS Hive Workshop page:



If you enjoy AoS style maps with an emphasis on armies and support, then you might enjoy The Dawn of Battle AoS. The Dawn of Battle focuses not only on hero versus hero combat, but also has a sort of Hero Defense feel about it, because of the many options available to players, allowing them to enhance and control their own armies.

In a lot of AoS maps, the spawns exist as fodder for heroes to level up on, gain gold from, and usually, these spawned units never really pose much of a threat. In The Dawn of Battle however, Heroes function as part of an army rather than an army of one, and players will find that the leadership and support of their troops is just as crucial to victory as a well-played hero or a powerful item build.

By allowing players several choices on how they wish to play the game, the 55 available heroes and the various upgrades, summons and hired units can stretch a long way toward allowing players to create diverse strategies. The heroes are well balanced and there are plenty of different options to accommodate a wide range of play styles. If you enjoy AoS or Hero Defense maps, but wish to play one that is about more than just the strength of your hero, I would urge you to try The Dawn of Battle AoS, and to tell me what you think of it! :)

This map was originally created during the summer and fall of 2009, and now two years later, it is receiving what I am considering its final series of major overhauls, so that I may feel confident in it as a finished product that is well worth playing, and of course for those who might be interested in such an update.

Thanks for reading (and hopefully for playing!).


# -Maximum hero level of 25.
# -55 Fully Customized heroes, each possessing 4 skills, 1 static ability and 1 ultimate ability.
# -Large number of custom abilities and extensive use of special effects make combat "pop".
# -Fully functional and scaling abilities, ensuring that your abilities are always useful.
# -A wide variety of custom items and recipes available for purchase from shops found within your base.
# -In addition to items, Unit and Structure upgrades can also be purchased from your War Academy located at your spawn location, for the cost of gold.
# -You may recruit your own armies from Training Grounds found throughout the map, and lead them into battle against your enemies!
# -All hero skills bound to the Q-W-E-R-T-Y keys, making them consistent across all heroes and easy to learn.
# - Descriptive Hero spells and abilities, offering important descriptive information with enough RPG flair to give the heroes character.
# -Extensive and easy to read hero descriptions, complete with a rating system to help you more easily decide what class to choose, even if you've never played.
# -Functioning Multiboard keeps track of combat information.
# -Four Obelisks exist within the map, waiting to be captured by players. At 5 minutes into the game, these Obelisks will become capturable, and each one provides a different bonus to the allies of the capturing player - Some will even inflict a handicap upon your enemies!
# -"Repick" system triggered by typing -repick into the text field.



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