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The Dawn of Battle AoS being Updated.

Discussion in 'Map Development' started by NeverDeath, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. NeverDeath


    Jul 27, 2008
    A link to the map:


    I've basically just returned to the world of mapmaking from a hiatus (because life is occasionally too busy), and have decided to make significant changes to a map of mine that I wasn't quite 100% pleased with.

    The Dawn of Battle AoS was begun just over a year ago, and has come a long way since, adding features and improving the balance and flavor of the game. Unfortunately, where I left off with it, it had 55 heroes and none of them were particularly unique in feel - and this really bothered me. Due to life being busy, I was unable to do much about it, but recently (roughly a month or so ago) I decided enough was enough, and as my schedule aligned to allow, I have begun working on making the heroes in my map much more interesting and varied to play.

    It is a work in progress, but the recent patch notes will show the heroes that have been changed and what changes have been made, and I would like to urge anyone who is interested in an AoS that has a troops&upgrades component to it (similar to Eternal Conflict and in some ways EotA though I am by no means as ingenious as those two fellows), to give the map a shot and let me know what you think. I've put a lot of work into it over time, and eagerly welcome any and all feedback.

    A rough list of features is included on the map's download page, as well as extensive notes for the latest version, released today (after the last version having been released in August of 09).

    Lastly, I'd like to give an additional thanks (other than the ones already given in-game and on the map's download page) to those who have contributed to my map:


    CRAZYRUSSIAN, bigapple90, Darkfang, Anachron, Deathclaw24, Mr. Goblin, Kimberly, Kelthuzad, SkriK, INSEKT, X.e.r.e.X, Mc !, The_Silent, Muoteck, Infinitynexus, ike_ike, DeathKnight, mortal, FrIkY, BlackDoom, FlaReoN, GooS.


    Cuddybuddy, l)eath_l)ealer, f3n1x, Tizoxic, Ss-4-Goku, Catdemon21, Zirun, theocrati, Hokuten84, Durandal.


    Credit to PitzerMike for his Widgetizer
    Credit to Vexorian for his Map Optimizer


    Credit to Paladon for his Jump system
    Credit to Dekku for his Return Blink and Water Core abilities


    Additional thanks to f3n1x for basic map layout concept.

    Thanks Hive!