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Barrens Direction 1.03

A simple arrow/direction model... Maybe it would be useful, though not sure if its good enough...

for those who wants the arrow to be opaque, just open it up on magos, find the material which has a blend mode of Add Alpha and change it to none... do the reverse if you want the ring to be semi-transparent...

You could also play around using diff textures to make it fit a different terrain...

Textures\Lords0000.blp up to Textures\Lords0007.blp
So far its the ones I found on war3.mpq Textures folder...

1.01 - Removed the portrait camera and added a portrait model, which only has the arrow...
1.02 - Added an animation which shows the model in a static mode (you would need to use triggers to use that animation though)
1.03 - Flattened the ring a bit, and tried to fix the wrap...

Give credits when used... Edits are allowed...

barrens, doodads, arrow, loop, direction, map, rocks, adiktuz

Barrens Direction 1.03 (Model)

Barrens Direction 1.03 (Model)

Frankster: Quite interesting and simple idea. Good execution. Maybe not so useful, but it works in-game.




Moderation: 16:26, 7th June 2011
Quite interesting and simple idea. Good execution.
Maybe not so useful, but it works in-game.
Added a static animation (named Attack)... you can use it via triggs considering you used this as a model of a doodad... or if you want it more than the animated version, you could always replace the anim names using Magos... ^.^

This would probably the last update for now as school has started so I would most probably not be able to go online...

EDIT: will try to fix the wrap of the ring later, not sure if I could update it soon though... ^.^
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Feb 3, 2011
Very useful in game help. Just what I said. 5/5

Hahaha! This one's not very unique in computer games. But since, we are in a warcraft 3 community. This is very unique for in-game directional help! :D