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Last Activity:
Feb 10, 2013
Apr 14, 2011

Awarded Medals 1



Master of Imagination, from Philippines

mischief123 was last seen:
Feb 10, 2013
    1. Orcnet
    2. GhostThruster
      nvm, ignore my pm.
    3. sonofjay
      I replied there,
    4. The Weird Human
      The Weird Human
      It would be nice if the map has the naga race to use, since some may be bored of the 4 present races.
    5. Dragonson
      It has become your turn in Bladeititan Signatures. Are you still interested?
    6. mischief123
      I don't care.
    7. Nestharus
      oh cool, you should put up a terrain album. A lot of terrainers have albums on their profile to show off their terrain =).
    8. mischief123
      I'm good at terraining you know.
    9. Nestharus
      you're welcome mis mis ^)^.

      What kind of field are you looking to doing for the mapping? = )

      GUI would probably be your easiest bet since that's pretty easy to get into, but if you are into arts, you could probably do some modeling or texturing or terraining ^)^. Just so long as you're contributing something and show that you can do it, people'll be sure to join your project : ).
    10. mischief123
      I also told ralle about you.
    11. mischief123
      Thanks loser.
    12. Nestharus
      mis mis, do you have the skills to pull the srpg off? ^)^

      It looks like all you really have are projects that you are starting =). Maybe try to make some stuff first to get the hang of everything that way people can see demonstrations of your work ; D.

      It's good to let the community get to know you before trying to start a project with that community =).

      But anyways, good luck with your map ^^.
    13. mischief123
    14. Nestharus
      srpg = single player rpg

      rpg is kind of vague as to whether it's multi or single =P
    15. mischief123
      its an rpg map.
    16. Nestharus
      so then I take it your map is a srpg?
    17. Nestharus
      that's ok prissy missy, I be back tomorrow ;D

      oh yea, is your RPG multiplayer or single player? o-o

      could help you with the save/load if it's multi =D

      but I'm guessing it's single D:

      aww wellz /sad face
    18. Adiktuz
      you should post the details that you have in mind into the thread/topic that you opened... people won't know the details of a project if you don't share it with them... sketches are good, but its better if you have details in text too (like what animations they should have, etc with emphasis on animations)... ^_^

      and as indomitable1319 said, you should post details about the project too... so that the modelers will know what kind of project the models they would make would be used in...

      Right now, I see you more as a person who needs a lot of help from others because he can't do the proj himself rather than a project leader (which I think is what you want to be when you created the group Free Hazard Entertainment)...

      just a simple reminder/suggestion from my experience with working on SoE, if you want to maintain that group and be a real project leader for that group... ^_^
    19. Light
      umm....free hazard is inactive now......i guess its natural for every old(or whateevr) group
    20. Adiktuz
      just a suggestion: since you made a group, I think its just logical to ask about the opinion of your team before you decide something on the project, or at least on some parts... because you seem to be deciding everything, which is a bad practice for a leader... ^_^
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    Current Project:
    None so far
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    Kirin Tor
    I am a terrainer and I can make terrain in less that a day.

    Playing computers, EDITING/Terraining in war 3


    Yahoo! Messenger:


    OH MY BALLS! WTF IS THAT? SOME METAL IDIOT WITH FEELINGS!? Oh it's a robot with feelings.
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