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  • Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

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    The time has come to save the PRS from inactivity!
    We encourage others to help return the group to its glory.
    You received this message if you're an at least semi-active
    user who happens to be in the group.

    Long live the Pinoy Resources Society!
    lol anytime man

    about the argument? nah no one's fighting, its just crayon's coloring languages that makes the thread looks like its fighting :p
    Yeah, me too, graduating students sure has plenty things to do. Though I don't think I am busy as you are. XD
    I've been busy with my 6th grade stuff
    i'm like one of the youngest(but very knowledgable and understands everything here) users here
    Overseas Defense Intelligence Network? ahahah. but that would sound like Intelligence Agency.

    Online Defense Initiative Network:)
    Order and Defense Initiative Network:)

    sorry, im kinda "Sabaw" today
    yes. terror itself is an abstract entity and therefore cannot be destroyed, even if you eliminate the source of the terror, terror is still there. just like how Manny Villar cant erase poverty and "kahirapan" in general. got my flow? X). about the praetorians, yeah, i missed the part:)

    well in my opinion "Omnipotent" is not really that anti-terrorism-ish. and only God is like that haha:) but that's just me. another common word comes to mind: AEGIS! :)
    MORE PINOYS >:) Welcome to Hive. I am not a daily user here but i contributed some don't you mind to share some? :) Good luck! (eats strawberries) :3
    i know.. it would be a waste to make one.. i am very inactive with those SNS, the reason why i deleted my FB.. im more of a YM person:)
    Wazzup Kazuji....Iam The Weird Human, the admin of the Pinoy Resources Society group, i just invited you there, theres only one rule that we should all follow, always speak english taglish is fine but only in our group...We dont want any Moderators to report us because of our foreign language.
    ay niunahan na ako ni james :) sali ka po sa group ha! makikita mu po dun ung stories naming pinoys here. i am a concept creator. i create stories, descriptions, i draw character ideas, basta po lahat puro related sa ideas:) i am currently studying texturing and i just finished making 3d models (just the mdx's though)

    what about you?:)

    EDIT: told The Weird Human to add you na po sa group:)
    aus dumadami na talaga mga pinoyz dito! nakilala mu na ba cla The Wierd Human, Ampharos, Hellbreed.. add mu cla, may pinoy resources society din tau na group. c Bebi Dawn palang nakikita ko sa VM mo e haha
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