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Simple bank, where you can learn the technology with gold. Updated the pillars.


Bank (Model)

Misha 10th Dec 2013 Moderator's Review: looks cool and works nice
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Level 6
Sep 8, 2013
You could add something on it's roof... like a statue or something else though it's looks empty without them.
The door and the wall could be more bigger though.
That looks really cool, but you should include a view from an angle above, showing some of the roof. It's important so that people can see what it will actually look like to them in-game.

Still, this is really cool and can certainly be useful. It also fits very well into the warcraft style as a building. 4/5.

There are a few little things you could fix, though:
--The round blue window is stretched a bit, looking like an oval, when I assume it was probably supposed to be a circle. Change the wrap a little bit to fix that.
--The windows on the sides look like what you'd expect to see on medieval churches (not temples), because of how tall and colored they are. Windows on a bank would only exist if they had a functional purpose. Giant yellow windows like that would be a security issue without even providing people inside a view of the outside. You should change them to smaller windows and get rid of the windows in the backs of the sides, having only one window on each side close to the front. A window next to the door would probably be a nice thing to have, too.
--The foundation needs to be changed to bricks. On uneven terrain, they would be showing dirty grass, which wouldn't fit on most tilsets.
--The wrap on the floor of the bank is a bit blurry.

These are only minor issues, but it would be nice to see them fixed.

bank or temple? :xxd: looks like it has a bit of both.

btw, maybe door could be somewhat bigger

Temples aren't the only places with columns in front. A lot of courts and banks have impressive columns in front as well.
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