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Banjoball v1.18

Submitted by Dayne, Garfield1337
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

Banjoball Site
Steam Group

You can also find other players at channel clan BNJO@USEast

Map Info:

Banjoball is basically a football game with spells, with some quirks to spice the gameplay up.
Every player has sprint and some utility abilities plus a unique special ability. The special abilities can manipulate ball, hinder enemies or allow your player to maneuver around the field.

Gameplay Videos:


v1.03a (08.07.2012.)
- It's kinda the first version since the previous updates consisted of bugfixes.

v1.03b and 1.03c (10.07.2012.)
- Just some minor fixes.

v1.04 and 1.04a (19.08.2012.)
- More hats.
v1.04 and 1.04a (19.08.2012.)

- 3D movement implemented.
- Black hole reworked.
- Assists are now shown.
- Draw result will now extend the game instead of ending it.
- New player, Karma Green Inn, added.
- Powershot now has a short casting time.
- Added random weather.
- Lots of small changes, fixes and optimization.

v1.04b (25.08.2012.)
- Oak King Zit received a new ability and new character, Akari Ska as Ion Ink, was given Zit's Powershot ability.
v1.04b (25.08.2012.)

- Fake injuries replaced with taunts and sadfaces.
- Small fixes.

v1.04c (27.08.2012.)
- Fixed several bugs.
v1.04c (27.08.2012.)

- Slightly buffed slam ability.
- Players may no longer hold the ball in unreachable places.
- Added switch command.

v1.05a (26.09.2012.)
- Ball now has shadow.
v1.05a (26.09.2012.)

- Taunt and sadface no longer interrupt orders.
- Goal camping penalty delay increased.
- Powershot now casts the ball with lesser force but makes it frictionless during the effect.
- Staying inside goal with ball for a while will now autoscore.
- Camera now autoadjusts to set distance.
- Switch improved to allow switching to enemy team and with enemy players.
- Votekick command added.
- Slam ability has less casting delay.

v1.06 (18.01.2013.)
- 2 new terrains.
v1.06 (18.01.2013.)

- Scores and assists are now shown on player board.
- Votekick and Switch now accept player names as a parameter.
- Goalkeepers limited to 1 per team. Any ally that attempts to enter goal area with a goalkeeper will be pushed back.
- Players can now collide if they are knocked one on another.
- Slam ability will now knock ball away as well. If a nearby player with a ball is close enough while being knocked, the ball will fly away.
- Black hole will now set ball owner to the owner of the black hole if the hole changes the ball's direction enough.
- Ability positions and hotkeys reorganized.
- Players may no longer walk while in air.
- Lots of optimization, bug fixes and general improvements.

v1.06a (29.01.2013.)
- Slam buffed a bit.
v1.06a (29.01.2013.)

- Powershot will now knock players away that take the ball.
- New Character, Szura Coh, added.
- Bug fixes.

v1.06b (15.02.2013.)
- Slam knockback force now originates from the actual hit position instead of from caster's position.
v1.06b (15.02.2013.)

- Lolz abilities are now granted after a delay to allow players to learn the core abilities.
- Some minor changes.

v1.07 (02.07.2013.)
- Inclination renamed to Pull and got a buff.
v1.07 (02.07.2013.)

- Fixed Slam bug that would cause the caster to be permanently disabled.
- Goals now have height.
- Added tournament mode.
- Minor bug fixes and optimizations.

v1.08 (02.08.2013)
- Added -lolz mode command.
v1.08 (02.08.2013)

- Added -observe command.
- -time command now accepts minutes:seconds format.
- Pull can now be disabled during the effect.
- Goal forcefield now pushes players away a bit.
- New character, Parch Nine Tie, added.
- Karma Green Inn's hats can now be properly seen.
- Lots of small changes and bugfixes.

v1.09 (04.08.2013)
- Fixed a bug that caused certain players to crash.
v1.09 (04.08.2013)

- Possibly fixed the goal bug.
- Parch Nine Tie can now hold and kick the ball, but can only possess it while holding it. The Possess ability has also been nerfed.
- Sunray weather on Sunny Hills is now more transparent and hopefully not annoying.

v1.10 (20.08.2013)
- Parch Nine Tie is now disabled by default, but can be enabled by host.
v1.10 (20.08.2013)

- Added 2 new fields, larger from previous.
- Some small changes I don't remember.

v1.11 (05.09.2013)
- Added new character, Ideal Vizzd Rakia.
v1.11 (05.09.2013)

- Changed code structure and fixed some bugs.

v1.12 (29.12.2013)
- Oak King Zit (Ninja) can now jump properly, higher and farther than before.
v1.12 (29.12.2013)

- Blackhole now grows quickly overtime when cast, instead of having instant full effect.
- Visual improvements to swap and blackhole.
- Better looking character choosing area.
- Some balance changes and minor fixes.

v1.13 (28.03.2014)
- Buffed Backflip a bit.
v1.13 (28.03.2014)

- Fixed a bug where Ball Slow would remain even if the player doesn't have the ball.
- Fixed a bug where a player would take the ball with him when going observe.
- Added -alt cam option.
- Swap and Pull slightly buffed.
- Wisp now has a proper hero glow.
- Added even more hats!
- Some hotkeys were changed.
- Added -teamcolor option.
- Fixed a bug with Switch.
- Added new character, Dark Dawn Oar.

v1.14 (02.07.2014)
- Fixed a bug where the ball would drop when someone uses -observe command even if that player didn't hold the ball.
v1.14 (02.07.2014)

- Curveshot buffed, the ball now makes a smaller angle and travels faster.
- Curveshot now gives assists properly.
- Sunray weather has been removed as it was still kinda annoying.
- Swap projectile now travels faster.
- Special ability tooltips now contain cooldown information.
- New loading screen.
- Players are now informed of what characters others pick.
- Oak King Zit no longer loses ball if he jumps in front of an enemy.
- Emotes and Pass me! can now be used even while paused.
- Added -names command
- Alternate camera now has a proper angle.
- Gravity has been slightly increased.
- Goalkeepers now get a special jump ability.
- If all players in a team use the shout ability, they'll get a negligible speed boost.
- Powershot channel now slows nearby players.
- Sunny Hills field has been slightly extended in size to fit the 4v4 play.
- Added -draft command for the host.
- Added new character, Clay Hand Nil.
- Few minor problems have been fixed (and hopefully no new have been introduced).

v1.15 (09.07.2014)
- Fixed a few bugs with switch.
v1.15 (09.07.2014)

- Slam and Curveshot have been slightly buffed.
- Fixed a bug with Powershot where player could slow anytime.
- Improved draft a bit.
- Added -apocalypse and -repick commands.
- If host leaves, a new one is automatically chosen now.
- Slam doesn't work as effectively in air now. The higher the character is, the weaker the slam.
- Some small changes and fixes.

v1.16 (24.08.2014)
- Slam force increased.
v1.16 (24.08.2014)

- Curveshot cooldown reduced to 1 second.
- Swap cooldown reduced to 16 and projectile speed slightly increased.
- Backflip jump height reduced slightly.
- Nisei Linesman now stops when encountering a unit on his path while tackling.
- Tackle no longer relies on Nisei's running speed.
- Black hole growth time increased.
- Super sprint initial speed reduced slightly.
- Fixed a bug where a player could leave the field using powershot.
- Fixed ghost super sprint bug.
- Wisp's possess has a new movement system.
- Snow has been darkened as it used to be too bright.
- All fields now have a proper border around it.
- Lots of bug fixes and small changes that haven't been logged.

v1.17 (25.08.2014)
- Hotfix.
v1.17 (25.08.2014)

v1.18 (09.10.2014)
- Fixes.
v1.18 (09.10.2014)




  • DarkNinjaSLO
  • Grofc
  • LMNz
  • FibSaSk
  • Luffy_299
  • oscarylios
  • drjigsaw
  • Trinnin
  • Hat models made by: RaidonGod (Chef hat), Fingolfin (Military hat), Sunchips (Mage hat, Wolf cap), Chriz (Pirate hat), debode (Santa hat), Dionesiist (Witch hunter hat), ikillforeyou (Crusader helm), Usedwell (Pumpkin head), Kitabatake (Samurai helm), Tr!KzZ (Spartan helm), Forgotten_Warlord (Voodoo mask).
  • Black hole by Mc !.
  • Shout effect by Infrisios.
  • Hero glow by assasin_lord.
  • Oak King Zit by Black_Stan.
  • Parch Nine Tie by JesusHipster.
  • Apocalypse black hole by Carrington2k.
  • Nuclear explosion by WILLTHEALMIGHTY.
  • Water plane by iNfraNe.
  • Waterfall by Buster.
  • Waterfall foam by Callahan, edited by FelFox.
  • Hats and helms building by Red XIII.
  • Dark Dawn Oar model by Dark Hunter1357.
  • Clay Hand Nil model by UgoUgo.
  • Akari Ska as Ion Ink skin by Black_Stan.
  • Szura Coh and Ideal Vizzd Rakia skins by 67chrome.
  • Super sprint icon by PeeKay.
  • Shout icon by Blaxor.
  • Ideal Vizzd Rakia icon by 67chrome.
  • Swap icon by By Hellx-Magnus.
  • Curveshot icon by Apheraz Lucent.
  • Dawk Dawn Oar icon by Luckerguy.
  • Clay Hand Nil icon by UgoUgo.
  • Shout sounds from Lord of the Rings movie.
  • TimerUtils and xebasic by Vexorian.
  • AutoIndex by grim001.
  • UnitStatus by Rising_Dusk.
  • Multiboard, GameStart, Network, File and Event by Nestharus.
  • RegisterPlayerUnitEvent by Magtheridon96.
  • SpellEffectEvent by Bribe.

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

banjo, ball, football, soccer, lol, ebin, magic, hats, HATS, did I mention hats?, black, hole, physics, Bob Marley.

Banjoball v1.21D (Map)

Moderator: -Kobas- Contact: Visitor Message / Private Message! Date: 10-Dec-13 (19:43:19)Personal Comment:Nice map. Map Status: Approved (5/5) Highly Recommended
  1. Ralle



    Oct 6, 2004
    We just played your map at the Funmap Evening. Loved it.
  2. Garfield1337


    Jul 6, 2009
  3. Sirmarkis29


    Apr 24, 2017
    Garfield you are the man!Just this map is perfection.Is so fun play with people because have so many strategies,team combos etc.
    You deserve more but i just can give this 5/5 and 1 thanks for lovely map :)
    cyaa and take care :D

    PD: why you have 1.20a in epicwar( last version and here 1.18 im confused xD
    Last edited: May 28, 2017