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Bago's Quest

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
"Bago's Quest" is a custom campaign which takes part in
the world of Arath that is -> other than that presented in
Blizzard's campaigns so everything going on here doesn't
have nothing to do with the original Warcraft story.
Besides that "Bago's Quest" features
- new skins (along with some edited models)
- new spells (some trigger enhanced + custom buffs of course :) )
- new heroes
- new units (featured new spellcasters and their abilities are
desribed in point 4c.)
- some new items
- new icons
- custom loading screens (with map showing current location on Arath)
- custom music (chosen from movies and other games to fit the enviroment of the campaign)
- and other stuff which makes the campaign greatly worth playing

Campaign by: MartinezTG

Bago's Quest (Campaign)

VGsatomi: Perhaps the longest single campaign made thus far, bago's quest has a straightforward but involving story line. Terrain was simple in most of the maps, but an overall well rounded campaign.
  1. VGsatomi: Perhaps the longest single campaign made thus far, bago's quest has a straightforward but involving story line. Terrain was simple in most of the maps, but an overall well rounded campaign.
  2. Herogod


    Dec 16, 2003
    a. Requirements
    b. Running
    2. Contents
    3. Questions and Answers
    4. The world in "Bago's Quest"
    a. Story
    b. Heroes
    c. New Orcish Spellcasters
    d. Main Armies and icons on loading screens
    e. Some pronounciations of names showing up in "Bago's Quest"
    5. Contact
    6. Ending Thoughts
    7. Legal cra... stuff! :D

    1. Installation
    Simply unzip the BagosQuest.zip file and put the campaign
    file BagosQuest.w3n into your Warcraft 3 directory under
    the 'campaigns' directory. This readme can be put wherever
    you want to ;)
    a. Requirements
    Warcraft III The Frozen Throne version at least 1.15a
    (on which the campaign was finalized)
    b. Running
    Simply go to the Custom Campaign screen in Single Player
    and run "Bago's Quest"

    2. Contents
    "Bago's Quest" is a custom campaign which takes part in
    the world of Arath that is -> other than that presented in
    Blizzard's campaigns so everything going on here doesn't
    have nothing to do with the original Warcraft story.
    Besides that "Bago's Quest" features
    - new skins (along with some edited models)
    - new spells (some trigger enhanced + custom buffs of course :) )
    - new heroes
    - new units (featured new spellcasters and their abilities are
    desribed in point 4c.)
    - some new items
    - new icons
    - custom loading screens (with map showing current location on Arath)
    - custom music (chosen from movies and other games to fit the enviroment of the campaign)
    - and other stuff which makes the campaign greatly worth playing

    (1). What is Bago's Quest?
    Bago's Quest is a big single player campaign which is the
    first one in what I plan to even be a bigger saga containing
    more campaigns and maps. I've been making it since even the
    days of Reign of Chaos and I've put alot of effort into it.
    (2). Who's working on it?
    Anything what doesn't have to do with the beta was made by
    me. MartinezTG. And yes - I am probably a wc3 addict :)
    (3). What's it about?
    It's "about an orcish warchief and his clan, willing to
    conquer the world of Arath, who join forces with powerful
    leaders of different races in order to create the most
    powerful army that has ever placed foot on the human lands."
    (4). How many maps does the campaign have?
    26. Believe it or not. From which 15 are playable missions
    and the other 11 are shorter or some longer cinematic maps.
    (5). What is the race controlled in Bago's Quest?
    Orcs with a modified tech-tree when compared to Wc3:TFT Melee.
    New spellcasters have been added and the Heroes here are
    totally new ones all with custom spells.
    (6). Can I choose the difficulty of "Bago's Quest"?
    Right now "Bago's Quest" doesn't have the feature of
    a variable difficulty but if there will be such a need
    to add Easy and/or Hard difficulty levels - it will be
    not much of a greater problem :)
    (7). Are the maps protected or unprotected?
    They are protected although if you want to know how
    I made some trigger to work feel free to ask and I'll
    answer or maybe I'll even give you an unprotected version
    of the map ;)
    (8). Can I use some custom stuff used in Bago's Quest in
    my campaign/map
    Not without asking first and getting my allowance
    (which I don't guarantee). If I do allow it - you
    MUST give me credit.

    4. The world in "Bago's Quest"
    a. Story
    On the world of Arath it's the year 610. Two decades have past since
    the last orc-human war has taken place.
    The first orcish war against the humans began in 573 when two
    dominant races of Arath began a conflict. Normally Arath was
    the world of both races. But that was to be not much longer so.
    In the Nation of Andranoch after a very long time
    of forgiving each passing brutal orcish actions their King Patos
    finally declared the first war in this age ever that was directed at
    the Orcs. The nation of the Bloody Claw Clan led by
    Thiran the Fierce has been waiting a long time for this moment
    and not wasting any time were even the first ones to attack the
    enemy. After destroying each and every base that was on the south
    to Raftaloth (the White Sea) the Orcs concentrated themselves on sea
    Until 583 the Humans were bravely holding off the orcs not allowing
    them to win even an inch more of the sea. Finally after a great pause
    the humans began an offensive.
    For 5 years the line of borders between the two forces didn't move
    significantly until in 588 the Human Paladin Timon convinced
    the Formarge Dwarves to stand to battle on the side of Andranoch.
    The Elves from Ectaria have joined shortly after thanks to the
    good relations between the Elven Leader Aelvis and Andranoch's King.
    The orcs were long before allied with many Troll tribes but they
    didn't stand a chance against the Northern Arath aliance. The Gray
    Trolls led by Zul'jin and the Orc forces have been divided
    and without further contact with the orcs Zul'jin has given up and
    escaped with the remains of his tribe to Nokridge where they still
    live now, seperated from Andranoch.
    Other Troll tribes have become a minority because of the still rising
    number of their deaths and remained from that moment hidden in the
    forests of Ormreish. The year 589 has brought a powerfull
    mage - Falconos - into battle for Andranoch. After numerous losses
    the orcs were only controlling Ormreish (Southern terrains of the
    former Orcish Territory). This sittuation forces Thiran to do
    nothing else but give up. But Falconos didn't agree with the orcs
    only applying defeat. He decided to make a plan which he called
    the "Orc Extermination". The orcs tried to defend themselves with
    hiring Ogre Merceneries from Ormreish which had always a close
    opinion coparing to Thiran's Clan, but that didn't help so most of
    the Bloody Claw Clan fled to Totemor (another world where the orcish
    race wasn't a minority) through the Portal. The humans have won the
    portal and were controlling all of the previously controlled by Orcs
    terrains of Ormreish. Most of The Bloody Claw Clan had escaped but
    many have died in battle while defeating the portal including their
    Warchief. Thiran's death wasn't a big tragedy though.
    He was never respected by anyone but his title of Warchief was
    gained only because of the great fear every orc had felt to him.

    The only ones who remained on Arath were 3 leaders:
    Bago Deathfist (the right hand of Thiran the Fierce, he who
    was the tactitian of the Bloody Claw), the Shaman Wulzir
    and the Illusionist Romb. They alone attacked the human bases
    guarding the portal and with their combined magics did the
    impossible -> won the portal back and defended themselves until
    activating the portal once again and escaping to Totemor.
    All 3 survived attacks from a whole battalion of Andranoch knights.
    They were from that moment called the Iron-Skinned.
    Andranoch has been cleansed from the Bloody Claw Clan but
    South Andranoch was left in a neglected state how the orcs have left
    after it many ages of their rule so the time when a new beautiful
    part of Andranoch's Kingdom would rise to a satisfactory state wasn't
    yet there. However the Humans still made miracles to what was
    probably the dirtiest part of Arath.
    Back on Totemor the Bloody Claw Clan still had their terrains
    and power so there wasn't much to argue about until the Bloody Claw
    decided to ally with the Burning Axe Clan.
    After 10 years of no war (and in the last 3 of them a quiet hope
    on satisfying a lust for blood which was always a common property
    of the powerful orcish clan) the new Warchief (who became
    Bago Deathfist) convinced the Burning Axe Clan to give them
    a part of his terrain with the Totemor portal for a strategical
    place that could help him and his clan
    have a head start in a war against the most hated by Deathfist clan
    of orcs - the Hammer's Might Clan.
    "If not Arath then it is here that I will become supreme ruler!" -
    - the Warchief decided.
    The Hammer's Might and The Bloody Claw were the strongest Clans on
    Iru Hellhammer - the Warchief of the Hammer's Might didn't have
    anything against two Clans being dominant on Totemor but not
    Bago Deathfist. He was planning a war with them
    since the orcs were even still living on Arath (now these terrains
    are called South Andranoch). The year 600 - the attack against
    the Hammer's Might begins. The Bloody Claw fresh with new warriors
    and ready for war was quite a challenge for the Hammer's Might.
    Until 608 nothing new has happened.
    A bloodthirsty war with neither side expected to win.
    The Clans still waged until Iru thought of an idea to somehow attack
    the Bloody Claw from inside. So the Hammer's Might Clan attacked
    from the sea with almost all their forces into the
    territory of the Bloody Claw. That meant only one thing - if they
    would win the enormous battle that was to take place for sure -> the
    Bloody Claw Clan would be mostly destroyed and Iru's Clan would win
    most of their terrain but if they lost that would leave them in
    a bad sittuation since all forces were attacking then there would be
    almost none to defend the territory of the Hammer's Might Clan.
    The deciding fight has been held at Tagno.
    Both Warchiefs think they are sure to win because each of them has
    a powerfull trump which the opposing Warchief doesn't know about.
    Here's where the campaign begins..
    b. Heroes
    (player controlled)
    Leader of the Iron Skinned, the strongest of all orcs in physical
    meaning. Twenty years after the last war with the humans Bago
    is still not ready to give up on his age (70) and is willing to
    make his Clan the strongest and the most feared of all armies
    in the world. Although the wizards of the Bloody Claw
    are practitioners of an old orcish religion . Bago is not.
    He believes only in taking what's best in the world and using
    it for his own good.
    Greatest weaknesses: overconfidence and greed.
    Age: 70

    Primary Attribute: Strength

    A magical hammer that is thrown at an enemy unit,
    causing damage and stunning the target.
    Level 1 - 100 damage, 5 second stun.
    Level 2 - 200 damage, 7 second stun
    Level 3 - 300 damage, 9 second stun

    Energy Blast
    Weakens surrounding enemy units so that they will attack
    with decreased damage.
    Level 1 - -20% damage
    Level 2 - -30% damage
    Level 3 - -40% damage

    Regeneration Aura
    Increases life regeneration rate of nearby friendly units.
    Level 1 - 100% life regeneration increase
    Level 2 - 150% life regeneration increase
    Level 3 - 200% life regeneration increase

    Phantom Double
    Creates a double of the targeted unit. The double deals the same damage to enemy units as his pattern, takes the same damage from enemy attacks, and will disappear after 180 seconds or when its hit points reach zero.

    If not for the Bloody Claw being a rather Intelligence based
    Clan it is he that would probably be Warchief. Although not much
    inteligence favoured (like most orcs) he is the perfect killing
    machine in Bago's hands. He is also probably the most bloodthirsty
    of all orcs.
    Age: 19

    Primary Attribute: Agility

    Shadow Strike
    Makes Omir unleash a shadow strike which damages an enemy unit.
    Level 1 - 120 damage
    Level 2 - 240 damage
    Level 3 - 360 damage

    Causes a bladestorm of destructive force around the Blademaster,
    dealing damage to nearby enemy land units. Lasts 4 seconds.
    Level 1 - 50 damage per second
    Level 2 - 65 damage per second
    Level 3 - 80 damage per second

    Bloodthirst Aura
    Increases damage of nearby friendly units.
    Level 1 - 10% damage increase
    Level 2 - 15% damage increase
    Level 3 - 25% damage increase

    Omir's Fury
    Makes Omir unleash his fury. Gives 500 bonus hit points and
    gives Omir additional attack damage. Lasts 60 seconds.

    The biggest and i mean the biggest Ogre of all.
    His strength and fear factor are known in almost all Arath.
    Most ogres are loyal to him because none would ever consider
    changing their Legion King. Bago's long before ally as well as now.
    His lack of intelligence though will lead to it that Furlogg has no
    interest to be the supreme commander of the orc-ogre forces.
    Age: 37

    Primary Attribute: Strength

    A wave of force that ripples out from the Hero, causing damage
    to land units in a line.
    Level 1 - 75 damage
    Level 2 - 130 damage
    Level 3 - 200 damage

    Increases a friendly unit's attack rate and movement speed.
    Level 1 - Movement speed by 30% and attack rate by 50%
    Level 2 - Movement speed by 40% and attack rate by 60%
    Level 3 - Movement speed by 50% and attack rate by 70%

    Fear Factor Aura
    Decreases nearby enemy units' movement and attack speed.
    Level 1 - attack speed by 5%, movement speed by 10%
    Level 2 - attack speed by 10%, movement speed by 20%
    Level 3 - attack speed by 15%, movement speed by 30%

    Ghost of Vengeance
    When killed, this Hero will unleash an invulnerable ghost that
    will last for 30 seconds.

    The mysterious new Warlord of the Gray Trolls. Like most trolls
    is willing to join the orcs and once again try to gain a strong
    position in the world. Because of the arising accomodation with
    the enviroment he has learned to partially master control over
    nature which is why he is also known as "The Stonelord".
    Age: 28

    Primary Attribute: Intelligence

    Granite Skin
    Increases the armor of all friendly units in an area around
    the Hero for 30 seconds.
    Level 1 - +2 bonus armor
    Level 2 - +3 bonus armor
    Level 3 - +4 bonus armor

    Summon Golem
    Summons a Golem to attack the Hero's enemies.
    Level 1 - Mud Golem, attacks land units
    Level 2 - Rock Golem, attacks land and air units
    Level 3 - Granite Golem, attacks land and air units
    (note - hit points do not match respective neutral hostile golems)

    Stone Convertion
    Transforms the Stonelord into a stone that is immune to
    spells and has great regeneration.
    Level 1 - 8 hit points per second regeneration
    Level 2 - 12 hit points per second regeneration
    Level 3 - 16 hit points per second regeneration

    Changes a target unit into a rock, rendering it unable to move,
    attack or cast spells, and stopping others from attacking or
    casting on it. Lasts 60 seconds for a normal unit and 30 seconds
    for a hero.

    Thanks to his positive relations with the Bloody Claw - the
    Ormreish Forces (allied army under the control of the Orcish
    Warchief) control the most powerfull flying force on
    Totemor - his Green Dragons. He represents the rare case
    in Bago's forces of a good combination between Strength and Honor.
    Age: ?

    Primary Attribute: Strength

    Acid Spit
    Spits wit acid on an emeny unit.
    Level 1 - 150 damage
    Level 2 - 200 damage
    Level 3 - 250 damage

    The Spirit Shadow
    Creates Spirit Shadows.
    Level 1 - one Spirit Shadow
    Level 2 - two Spirit Shadows

    Dragon Haste Aura
    Increases the movement speed and attack rate of nearby friendly air units.
    Level 1 - movement speed by 10% and attack rate by 4%
    Level 2 - movement speed by 25% and attack rate by 8%
    Level 3 - movement speed by 40% and attack rate by 12%

    Makes Sango die unleashing an explosion that deals 500 damage to nearby units.

    Makes Sango mutate into a form which burries itself underground.

    There are more heores in the campaign that you'll get to control but
    writing about them here would be spoiling and we don't want
    that do we. :)

    Other heroes
    * ZELD (orc)
    Age: 43
    Type: Warlock
    Is the last orc practicing dark magics in the Bloody Claw Clan.
    His actions will turn Bago's quest into a different path.
    * ROMB (orc)
    Age: 46
    Type: Farseer
    One of the lesser bloodthirsty orcs. Greatly loyal to his warchief.
    The farseer of the Iron-Skinned has very powerful control over
    illusion magic which he learned other orcs of Bago's clan.
    * WULZIR (orc)
    Age: 54
    Type: Elder Shaman
    The most powerful shaman in Bago's Clan. Though one of the many
    orcs which believe in the old orcish gods - he is most loyal to Bago.
    He was the key to help the Iron-Skinned survive on Arath thanks
    to his mastery of summoning.
    * ZUL'JIN (troll)
    The Warlord of the Gray Trolls. A powerful ally in the last war
    against the humans. Unfortunately Bago not being present on
    Arath for twenty years didn't know anything what has happened to
    Zul'jin since then.
    * DUMYFOLL (ogre)
    Age: 45
    the Second Legion King. Like with Fulrogg the decision to make
    him Legion King was not caused by his intelligence but by his
    * GRIM DARAK (orc)
    Age: 351 (!)
    the most powerfull orcish Wizard of all those who are now and
    were before him. Is known as the Necromaster.
    Belongs to the Hammer's Might Clan although doesn't respect
    his warchief.
    Grim Darak commands strong magics that can raise the dead in great
    * KING TIMON I (human)
    Once the greatest warrior of the King.
    Now he is king.
    Very intelligent and brave - Timon has brought Andranoch into many
    * FALCONOS (human)
    One of the two Elemental Masters in the Kingdom of Andranoch
    who greatly mastered fire. A powerful conjurer and loyal servant
    of the King.
    Maybe not the strongest but the smartest Paladin
    in the Kingdom. Maybe a little arogant but it is his arogance
    that leads him to self confidence and many times to victory.
    A brilliant tactitian and master of strategic moves.
    Tummelayne will be the pain in the... neck for the orcs
    in this campaign.
    * UHL'ZAHN (undead)
    There are only some things about him which only a few living
    know about. Described as pure evil and darkness.
    Further information has been forgotten.
    * SHIRATHORN (human)
    Also a forgotten character on Arath. Is known only as the
    Arch-Sorcerer who banished the forces of Darkness
    from Andranoch 6 ages ago.
    * NUMSFERRAR (human)
    A mighty wind mage. The current Arch-Sorcerer of Andranoch.

    c. New Orcish Spellcasters

    Learned by the Farseer Romb, these are the ones controlling
    illusion magic in the Bloody Claw Clan. Thanks to this one of the
    Iron-Skinned - the Bloody Claw's magic powers weren't only based
    on the magics controlled by shamans.

    Create an illusory double of the targeted unit. The illusory
    double deals no damage to enemy units, takes 2 times the damage
    from enemy attacks, and will disappear after 60 seconds or
    when its hit points reach zero.

    Hazy View
    Makes a target enemy unit have a 50% chance to miss on an
    attack. Lasts 30 seconds (15 for heroes).

    Increases the movement speed and attack rate of nearby
    friendly air units.

    Way back before the discovery of a new way to practice magics
    the powers controlled by the Ogre-Mages were similar to those
    of the Bloody Claw's Shamans. Now - mastering warlock-like powers,
    these are not only valuable because of their strength to
    the Orcish Warchief but also it is because of their knowledge
    on Dark Magics.

    Summons an eye of Darkness. Lasts 60 seconds.

    Infernal Rock
    Calls down an Infernal Rock dealing 75 damage in an area.

    Drains 450 hit points in 20 seconds of a targeted enemy unit.
    (Note: When targeted on an enemy hero it will drain the these
    hit points within 60 seconds.)

    A very long time ago a big part of the orcish sorcerers were
    warlocks. For some unknown today reason the orcs have promised to
    no longer experiment with the told to be Demon powers. Now after
    ages - Bago Deathfist is ready to brake that promise
    for his own profits and bring Dark Magic practicing back to life
    along with it's controllers - the Warlocks.

    Ground Flame
    Deals 100 damage to a target enemy land unit. Nearby enemy
    units lose 50 hit points.

    Cloud of Poison
    Calls down a poison cloud which deals 2% of every unit's hit
    points in the area per every second. Lasts 35 seconds.

    Increases a friendly unit's attack rate by 50%, attack damage
    by 50% and movement speed by 75%, also dispells any magical
    buffs on the target unit. Lasts 60 seconds.

    d. Main Armies and icons on loading screens
    The Bloody Claw's icon (Claw on a red background) represent
    the Clan's Grand Fortresses.

    The Burning Axe Clan's battalions are represented by the fiery axe
    on a blue background.

    Dwarven battalions are presented on the map as a hammer /w axe logo.

    The sorcerer-based armies from Andranoch which are the armies of
    Weldare are presented by a blue W.

    e. Pronounciation
    Bago Deathfist - 'Bah-goh' and Deathfist normal proper english :)
    Omir Baraka - 'Oh-meere Bah-rah-kah'
    Fulrogg - 'Foohl-rohg'
    Knur'Azagar - 'noohr - ah-zah-gahr'
    Tummelayne - 'two - meh - lane'
    Grim Darak - 'greehm - dah-rahk'
    Sango - 'sahn - goh'
    Dumyfoll - 'doohm - yh - fohl'
    Wulzir - 'vool-zeer'
    Uhl'Zahn - 'oohl - zahn'
    Numsferrar - 'Nooms - fehr - rahr'

    I hope you'll understand them exactly as I've thought them up :)

    5. Contact
    To contact me - MartinezTG either do it via e-mail:
    or PM me at www.wc3campaigns.com
    or at www.wc3modforge.com

    6. Ending thoughts
    I'd like to add that most probably I will make a next campaign
    continuing the plot of "Bago's Quest" but it won't be as long
    (cuz now I see how much time does it take to make a 25 mission
    campaign and bug-fixing it ;) ).

    BTW on Bago's Quest - I've put alot of time and effort to make
    it so I hope you'll enjoy it alot.

    7. Legal stuff
    "Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos"
    "Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne" are property of
    Blizzard Entertainment

    POWERCOW Banana/Vanilla/Strawberry
    flavoured Milk Shakes are the property of Arla :D
    (drinked thousands while making this campaign)

    Any use of custom skins, model edits etc. from the campaign made
    by me, MartinezTG by anybody in his creation without
    my allowance will force me to try to make the rest of this
    somebody's life very unpleasant so... you know :)
  3. tuzec


    Sep 25, 2006
    Thanks!!! Great campaign!
  4. IcelordZakal


    Aug 27, 2007
    One of the best campaigns I have ever played, but I was dissapointed at how Dark Rage refuses to load up for me and gives me a WoWError...
  5. Hoernchen


    Jun 16, 2007
    is that for campaigns?
  6. Jaakko


    Apr 25, 2006
    I downloaded his campaign and I paused at chapter 1. The story was a bit confusing when I know nothing of this world. What made me pause was that I felt some detail was missing in chapter one. I mean I was just running around and killing enemy and it got a bit boring. Hopefully the other chapters are a different.
  7. Murcky


    Aug 10, 2007
    great campaign. nice custom skins and spells. there are some minor bugs...and the spelling needs to be fixed some places too ;D. else is everything fine. i give you 8/10 and 10/10 when you fix the spelling ;D and please fix the last third last map so you can see the ending.
  8. PapaDj


    Aug 30, 2007
    Bugs what i found:
    -Organical bulidings :/
    -Catapults and other mechanical stuff too
    -Some freezing spells are permament and u cant dispel them ;/
    -Most of auras just doesnt work
    -Walkable space is too tiny in a lot of places that your army is easily massacred.
  9. knight26


    Jul 16, 2007
    its a great camaign but at he map called dark rage i was soo exitet to see whats the meaning of that but ERROR apeared at my monitor well i guess thats my patch problem!!anyway i liked it...:D
  10. knight26


    Jul 16, 2007
    its a great camaign but at he map called dark rage i was soo exitet to see whats the meaning of that but ERROR apeared at my monitor well i guess thats my patch problem!!anyway i liked it...:D
  11. knight26


    Jul 16, 2007
    its a great camaign but at he map called dark rage i was soo exitet to see whats the meaning of that but ERROR apeared at my monitor well i guess thats my patch problem!!anyway i liked it...:D
  12. Dargoth


    Dec 9, 2006
    i stopped playing cause i got so pissed about the little room to move around :(
  13. High-Elven Prince

    High-Elven Prince

    Aug 9, 2005
    Ok campaign.
    I found it too long, and the story was very strange, in that it was basically copying the Orcs invasion of Azeroth with different names for the kingdoms, really. It was also strange how the cinematics were on the human's point of view, though we never play as them. The missions weren't all too unique either.
    But the spells were good, the terrain was decent enough, and I could tell a lot of work was put into it.
  14. Johannes


    Nov 2, 2007
    yeah, there wasen't much room... didn't like to see my massive and powerful army to die so easily on little group of enemies... =(
  15. Zaljinzoo


    Mar 16, 2008
    I played it on my old POS (piece of shit) computor and it crashed on one of the missions but I got a new comp so yea I'll edit this comment to tell you what happened.

    EDIT: Darn same thing happened! >:( Help me please
  16. lordsmell


    Feb 23, 2008
    a really good campaign just i thought the crossbow men were a bit rigged because i took like 7 catapults and it took 2 shots from each catapult to kill it while the crossbow men was destroying my catapults... other than that good campaign
  17. PrisonLove


    Sep 29, 2006
    the campaign isnt that great. theres never any space to move you army around which is incredibly irritating, and the grammar and spelling are ATROCIOUS. it really pissed me off. on top of that the story line isnt great either. theres also never any space to build your buildings, catapults are organic (which is beyond me), and baraka's shadow strike spell has a permanent stun, which makes thing way to easy. also its almost impossiblet o tell where to go next, especially since theres 0 room to move. id say its a 3/5 and ONLY because it has some custom models and skins.
  18. Spartan327


    Aug 5, 2008
    Dark Rage crashses for me 2 whats wrong with it
  19. LockPick


    Aug 7, 2007
    mission 15 is glitched from 1.22 i think, ima crack this thing and see what i can fix

    also you can no longer have the parts where a unit overides your portrait and says things, without going into Cinematic Mode

    Edit: dammit, he used WEU
    anyone still running that piece o crap or do i have to reinstall
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2008