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Azeroth Wars LR 1.67b

Submitted by EagleMan
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn

Notice: I am no longer working on the map and have thus decided to release it unprotected.

Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn is a Risk/Strategy game based around Warcraft lore, with many notable factions and heroes present.

The game is very dynamic, every game will be unique in some way. There are many options to make an individual game unique, whether expanding from a certain base, or choosing a different mastery.

Gold in LR (as the map is known) is obtained by owning control points. Control points are present for regions - control the Hinterlands, or conquer C'thun and own Ahn'Qiraj. Lumber is obtained as normal.

Player 1: The Scourge. You control Icecrown and Scholomance, commanding vast legions of Undead.
Player 2: The Burning Legion. You control the Demon Lords Kil'Jaeden and Archimonde, as well as the Dreadlords Mal'ganis and Tichondrius. You control a small portion of Undead, but if you are able to succeed in summoning the Burning Legion to Azeroth, you can unleash a vast swath of demonic units upon your enemies.
Player 3: The Fel Horde. Control the Fel Orcs of Outland, along with the Dark Horde of Blackrock Mountain. Unleash your Horde into Azeroth by conquering Ironforge and Stormwind.
Player 4: Lordaeron. Lead Arthas, Uther, and the Silver Hand into victory against the Undead Scourge with your allies.
Player 5: The Dwarves. Stop the advancement of the Fel Horde with King Magni Bronzebeard and control the Northrend Expedition with Muradin.
Player 6: Dalaran. Wield the magical power of Dalaran's mages and control a vast array of spellcasters under the direction of Antonidas and Jaina.
Player 7: The High Elves. Aid your allies in the fight against the forces of evil with your ranged expertise with your powerful heroes, Anasterian and Sylvanas. You can become the Blood Elves under Kael, adding the power of the arcane to your army, and gaining the allegiance of Lady Vashj.
Player 8: The Horde. Lead by Thrall, you can storm Durnholde to free your brothers and journey to Kalimdor, to establish Orgrimmar! You also control Grom'gol Stronghold,
Player 9: The Trolls and Tauren. You begin with many scattered small bases, but you are able to forge a massive empire using your wide variety of units and abilities - conquering all under the direction of Vol'Jin, Cairne, and Zul'jin.
Player 10: The Sentinels. You control the ranged forces of the Night Elves. Command the forces of the Warden's Guild under the leadership of Naisha and Maiev with the Sentinels under Tyrande to protect the World Tree and safeguard the world from evil.
Player 11: The forces of Stormwind and Stromguarde. Lead Varian Wrynn, and his lieutenant, Reginald Windsor, into victory against the Orc hordes of Outland and Blackrock. You also control Thoras Trollbane to the north in Stromguarde.
Player 12: The Druids. You control the druidic portion of Night Elven society. Defeat your foes with the powerful demigod Cenarius, while safeguarding the World Tree from harm. You also control the Cenarion Circle in Silithus.

Lorewise the game is mostly set in Reign of Chaos, with progression into TFT lore possible as far as player actions, events, or roleplaying goes. No Cataclysm lore is to be implemented currently.

The game is a sandbox game in nature, with one being able to unally or ally anyone as they wish.

Current Changelog:
1.67b Changelog
The portal with Outland has been fixed.
The boat outside Zul'aman has been added back (and the scroll from Zul'jin removed).
Kael no longer gains the Flamestrike sword when spawning due to trigger condition problems.
The portal to Outland from the Dalaran Dungeons can no longer be reactivated.
Changed the Marine's in-game icon.

1.67 Changelog
Nerfed Garithos' bash.
Fixed various tooltips.
Thrall, Drek'Thar, and Orgrim will now be removed from the game upon the Bloodpact. Rexxar will go to Gray and be teleported to Zul'Farrak.
Illidan will no longer spawn if the World Tree is dead and you bring the Eye of Sargeras to it. Also, an enemy hero who has the Eye of Sargeras will no longer have it removed when approaching Nordrassil.
The Undead Sylvanas demihero unit now has backpack.
Gray can no longer train the Troll Warlord unit.
Gahz'rilla will now be a demi-hero.
The Batrider in Zul'Aman has been removed.
Zul'jin will no longer have Evasion, and will have Trueshot Aura in its place.
The Transport Ship in Zul'Aman has been removed.
Zul'jin will now begin with a Scroll of Town Portal (worth no gold if an attempt to sell it is made).
Renamed Scroll of Town Portal to Scroll of Teleportation.
Nerfed Zul'jin's attack damage slightly.
Pink's Stronghold in Grom'gol will now be a Fortress.
Obsidian Statues will no longer have the appearance of being able to transform into Destroyers.
Blue will no longer be able to train Destroyers after gaining Varimathras.
Expanded the teleport area inside Scholomance and Outland, which should make it easier to get armies inside against massers.
Teal, Gray & Pink will now have an upgrade called Spiritual Infusion - the Orc equivalent of Power Infusion.
Ragnaros and C'Thun will no longer drop items.
Shadow Hunters now have Heavy armor instead of Hero armor (to balance with the Spiritual Infusion upgrade).
Removed Anasterian's mini Lumber Mill and two workers from Quel'Thalas. Added a Lumber Mill to northeast Quel'Thalas.
Elune's Blessing will now be the default active spell for Priestesses.
Taverns now give 6 food instead of 5, making them equivalent to the farms from which they upgrade.
Fixed Elune's Blessing becoming much less effective if the Priestess mastery is taken; it will now properly work, doubling in effectiveness.
Elune's Blessing will now cost 25 mana from 35.
The Diskostick (item that allows teleportation into Outland) can now be reused.
If Anasterian has the Flamestrike Sword upon the death of Silvermoon then Kael will spawn with it.
The Roar from the Axe of the Horde Chieftain will now only give a 25% damage boost, from 50%.
Vampiric Aura has been buffed by 5% at all levels.
The Metal Golem can no longer be trained.
The Metal Goliath and Flesh Golem now have Heavy armor (from Fortified) but have been given an armor boost.
Dark Green will now train Spearmen, instead of Axemen (the one unit can still become the other through switching modes).
Footmen will now cost 12 gold from 14.
Orange will now gain a Marine unit that can be trained at the Barracks after he obtains Theramore. It has the Taunt and Ensnare abilities.
Reworked Elune Avatar (Naisha's ultimate) to focus more on the defensive aspect of it.
Slightly increased the cooldown of the Elite Archer's attack (1.35 to 1.4).
Edited Alcaz Isle a little bit (the southern portion).
Eat Tree will now only require level 1 of Nature's Blessing, versus 2.
Red's heroes will no longer be affected by Death Infusion. Applies to relevant Blue heroes as well.
Gave Cenarius the Raise Treants ability in place of Nature's Call.
The Red Dragon creep in Grim Batol will no longer have spell immunity.
Anti-suicide preventions have been added for the Runestones and Silvermoon. They only apply to Green, like how the Book of Medivh protection applies only to Orange.
Spell Breakers will gain only half as much damage from upgrades now. Previously they would upgrade to have a possible maximum damage that was ridiculous.
Blood Mages will now cost 30 gold less, from 85 to 55.
Slightly reduced the attack speeds of the Nerubian Towers.
Burning Oil removed as an upgrade due to its bugginess. Often the Demolisher would not inflict siege damage, only the damage from Burning Oil.
Increased the attack range of the Eagle from 300 to 550.
Cost of the Eagle reduced from 42 to 34.
Chimaeras (and their upgrade, Corrosive Breath) will be trained at the Chimaera Roost, now available to construct by Brown.
Switched Mal'Ganis's and Tichondrius's positions on the map.
Removed just a few of Purple's starting units.
Black Drake cost reduced from 52 to 42.
Nerfed Arcane Missiles.

1.66 Changelog
Replaced Mograine's Scarlet Frenzy aura with the spell Cleansing Light, it works similar to Anasterian's Light Burst and damages enemy units. This means Purple no longer has two Endurance Aura variants he can obtain.
Renamed Mograine's Undead Cleansing to Exorcism.
Fixed Backpack issues.
Removed the (unobtainable) Cleaving Attack from Lordaeron's Knights.
Fixed Light Blue being able to summon Entlings.
Fixed the Priestesses' Moonfire ability when the Priestess Mastery is researched.
Fixed Teal being able to construct infinite Defiled Fountains of Life.
Illidan is now obtainable through a series of events.
The Demon Lords will now be colored Blue when they are sitting in the Twisting Nether, instead of Black.
Edited the Sapphiron event text.
Fixed the placement of towers in Theramore. There will be two towers along the north ridge.
Nerfed the upper levels of Evasion.
Fixed the Aerie Peak event saying you would gain Kurdran.
Maiev will now spawn in Felwood, outside the waygate to Barrow Deeps.
Auberdine can now research Improved Sails.
Outrider mastery now costs 75 more gold.
Red now has an extra Meat Wagon inside Scholomance.
The Gargoyle's attack against ground units has been buffed.
The Altar of Storms in Zul'Aman has been replaced by the Shrine of Ula-Tek. The shrine will have 1800 hitpoints, be able to train workers, revive heroes, research Berserker Form and Troll Regeneration, and gives 15 food.
A Troll Batrider has been added to Zul'Aman.
Envenomed Spears can now be researched at the Beastiary for Pink. I am not sure why Wind Riders require a Fortress as that requirement is not there in the editor.
Thunder Bluff can now train Troll Workers.
Every level of Blast of Fire now does 10 more damage.
The Spirit of Vengeance summoned by the Priestess will now die if the Priestess dies. The second level of the spell is now capped at having a maximum of 18 spirits out, versus a previous of 24 (level 1 is 12).
Buffed the attack damage bonus on Ritual Mastery. Removed the Firelord component of Ritual Mastery. Ritual Mastery now costs 250 less gold.
Removed Aerie Peak's attack.
Gnomeregan now gives 10 gold a minute in income. If Gnomeregan dies, Yellow permanently loses this income.
Added a Scout Tower to the back of Tyr's Hand.
Removed Maiev being a requirement to tech the second level of Priestess training.

1.65 Changelog
Fixed the Fire Curse buff
The Theramore event will function as normal again (occurring 15 minutes after the Plague begins).
Fixed Rivendare's button order issues.
Fixed issues with Ancestral Mastery concerning Spirit Link, Improved Spirit Link will now have a mana cost and affect more than one unit.
Tauren collision reduced from 32 to 26 (4 less than the Mountain Giant).
Added some line of sight blockers along the north ridge of the Thoradin wall.
A Firebolt spell the Legion has has been reduced from a .5 second stun for heroes to a .1 second stun, bringing it in line with other bolt spells.
Tauren workers can no longer be constructed. They are a redundant worker unit.
Moved units and a cannon tower further away from DG's gate at Stromgarde.
Moved the Theramore Guard Towers onto the rock.
King Terenas has been given the white-haired Paladin model.
The Great Forge no longer sells Tiny Taverns. Farms will now be able to upgrade into a Tavern, with a maximum of 6 (you begin with 4, so you'd be able to construct an additional 2 more if they don't die).
The Frozen Throne's Charm ability can no longer target air units.
The Portal to enter the Twisting Nether no longer blocks ground units.
Halved the cast range of the Demon Call spell of the Eye of Sargeras, from 800 to 400.
The Sentinels (LB) no longer goes hostile upon the World Tree dying. The only effect the World Tree dying should have is a -15% Health and Mana pool debuff.
Removed Kurdran Wildhammer.
Fixed some intro text issues.
Naisha is no longer affected by the Priestess upgrades.
Improved Chakram on Naisha has been replaced with Evasion. Chakram has never been able to work properly and it also made Naisha's attacks deal 0 damage with an orb. Evasion will suit her tank role for the ranged-focused LB.
Removed Entlings.
Varimathras is now affected by the Nathrezim Elitism Mastery.
Fixed Healing Wave's tooltip (it overrepresented the damage healed). Healing Wave's amount heal has been reduced from 145 to 120. The decrease in the heal from jump to jump has been reduced however. The ability now heals slightly less overall but makes it harder to use it to help a unit tank, but it does help spread the heal more evenly across one's army.
Obsidian Statues will no longer show the Destroyer Form upgrade, as one is not able to research it.
Reduced Metal Goliath armor from 8 to 4.
Reduced Flesh Golem armor from 16 to 8.
Reduced the AoE of Disenchant on the Spirit Walker.
Fixed Orange being able to use Water Clone on Mechanical units.
Brought the Doom Guard's stats (the one summoned by Doom) in line with the built Doom Guards.
Upgraded Cold/Death/Flame towers will now deal more damage than their base towers. They did deal more damage overall before however because their attack speeds were faster. Attack speeds have been nerfed but are still faster than their base form. This has been done so average players are not confused about the strength of the towers.
Wind Riders now have True Sight.
Burning Blademasters and Fel Orc Kodos now have Backpack.
Fixed Frost Armor tooltip and hotkey.
Nordrassil can now train Wisps.
The trees around Nordrassil have been rearranged for various reasons.
The introductory text for each race in the quest menu has been disabled due to repeated outdatedness and tediousness in updating the information.
Fixed being able to land on Sunwell Plateau.b
Stormreaver Warlock hotkey has been fixed.
Made Ritual Mastery cost 200 more gold.
Reduced the AoE of the Firelord's Immolation.

1.64 Changelog
Fixed the hotkey for Sylvanas' Silence. Silence's effectiveness on Heroes has been reduced by 4 seconds for every level.
Upgrades past 4/4 and Death's Infusion is no longer available for Blue. Blue can no longer research Destroyer Form. Blue will be able to research these things again upon going Forsaken.
Undead Sylvanas will now have Wind Walk instead of Soul Drain, and a new ultimate "The Dark Lady's Radiance". She also has a one time use ability to summon 6 Acolytes. 6 Acolytes instead of 4 will now spawn when the Forsaken spawn. 3 Undead Transport Ships will now spawn instead of 2.
Goblin Sappers will now have an ability that allows them to be invulnerable for two seconds.
Drek'thar's projectile attack has been fixed.
Troll Houses will train Troll Workers now.
The Voodoo Lounge now sells Vampiric Potions.
Golems have been redone. Flesh Golems will remain the same. Metal Goliaths will now be a Siege unit with a cap of 12, with 1200 HP now instead of 1500 HP, and cost 45 gold instead of 65. Metal Golems have been made into a weaker, but cheaper, variant to allow for combat use. Repair costs and times have also been corrected, which makes it a lot cheaper and faster to repair Golems, though this is how it normally should've been.
Magical Wrath Mastery will now give the Violet Citadel a Phoenix Fire ability.
Construct Mastery will give Metal Goliaths an ability to Self-Repair.
Arcane Mastery will now also affect Dalaran Elite Towers, Metal Goliaths and Flesh Golems.
Fixed Blacksmiths not counting as structures.
Removed the Rock terrain around most of Zul'aman's lake, and removed a tree on its northeast side.
Placed a Voodoo Lounge in the ruins of Shattrath City.
Magtheridon can no longer summon Defiled Fountains of Life.
Rape and Pillage Mastery replaced by Fel Blood Mastery, which increases the health regeneration of all Fel Orc units by 25%, and allows one to build a Defiled Fountain of Life (capped at 1). The Fountain can "unsummon" itself if you wish to build it elsewhere. The fountain in Shadowmoon Valley doesn't affect the cap.
Training Mastery will now give Human Archers the ability "Haste" - A Frenzy variant that increases attack speed by 50% for 5 seconds on a 60 second cooldown.
Purple can research the upgrade "Second Chance" at the Capital Palace to enable Resurrection for his Paladins.
Yellow's Marketplaces will sell the item "Brew of Divinity" now, allowing one to be invulnerable for a period of time.
The Disease Cloud Mastery now also raises the Meat Wagon cap by 2.
Ritual Mastery now allows you to sacrifice 5 Black Drakes at Auchindoun for a powerful unit. See Auchindoun for details.
Beast Mastery now allows you to summon an Entling unit at your Improved Ancient Protectors.
For the Grace of Elune Mastery, no longer will it give a HP regeneration bonus. Instead it will give a 205 HP bonus to Archers.
Priestess Mastery will now affect Tyrande by researching 3 levels of the Searing Arrows ability for her. A level of Searing Arrows must first be learned before it can work.
Arcane Empowerment Mastery will now increase Anasterian's Intelligence by 10 and give him two extra skill points to spend.
Instead of improving it's AoE by 20 per level, Nether Strike will now only increase by 10.
Added a third mastery for Blue.
Archer Mastery will now reduce the mana cost of Searing Arrows to 0.
Ogre Might Mastery will now give a 25% hit point bonus instead of a 10% one.
Stonemaul Champions now cost 72 gold from 60.
Reduced the mana cost of Corrosive Venom (a Gahz'rilla ability) by a lot.
Reduced the gold cost of Ancestral Mastery by 125.
Heavy Armoring Mastery renamed to Battle Ready Mastery. Battle Ready Mastery will now improve the unit Health Potion ability.
Outriding Mastery will now increase the cap of Stormwind Champions from 6 to 8.
You can no longer construct ships in the Netherstorm.

1.63b Changelog
Fixed several tooltips and grammar issues at various places.
Made air creeps on Northrend (who are charmable) and Destroyers unable to attack CPs/Capitals.
Made Drek'thar and Kurdran Wildhammer into regular demi-heroes.
Fixed Rivendare's aura killing himself.
Dread Aura will always deal 1% damage, but the range increases by 25 AoE per level.
Scroll casting will take 10 seconds.
The Scroll of Town Teleport will transport 110 units from 100 (so it would fit 9 control groups and 2 heroes).
The Cleric's Frost Bolt can no longer target buildings.
Elite Archer's cap raised from 24 to 48.
Tichondrius' Finger of Pain can target heroes now.
Nerfed all levels of Garithos' Rally by 10%.
Elder Voidwalkers capped to 6.
Fixed DG having cheap Battleships available at start.
Fixed tooltip and hotkey issues
Battleships can no longer target capitals or CPs
Fixed Fog affecting Heroes
All level's of Rends Mirror Image spell will now only deal 30% damage, and the damage taken is now 160%/140%/120% from 150%/130%/110%.
Water Clone can no longer target Mechanical units.
Mannoroth will no longer spawn with a Scroll of Teleportation but will be able to summon Fel Peons.
Fixed Priestesses not being affected by Priestess Mastery
The Ogre Champion's Shockwave now has a damage cap of 500 from no cap.
Fixed most of the concerns listed in the forum thread.
Kirin Tor will have Light armor instead of Hero armor now, and their armor will be 6 and not 10 (their armor can still be upgraded with Power Infusion).
Arcane Missiles cooldown doubled from 6 to 12 seconds.
Fixed Red's Northrend buildings by the Azjol-Nerub Waygate being burnt.
Brann's ability Medical Expertise no longer affects Mechanical units.
The building immolation on the Burning Legion portal will not affect allies. This effect does not apply to the inside of the Twisting Nether. If one is blocked in, that means an ally is doing it, so you must unally them to automatically kill the buildings.
Fixed an Allies count issue with the Bloodpact.
Fixed a possible Allies count issue with Brown.
Fixed being able to block Scholomance from being entered. The Immolation radius of the waygate has also been increased to mitigate unsavory tactics.

1.63 Changelog
Lowered Lich King Arthas' Starting Armor to 9, from 14
Raised Stratholme Castle's armor to 25, from 5, and buffed it's life.
Removed Impale from Ghazrilla, replaced with battle roar
Lowered Ghazrilla's starting health by 100
Nerfed Stasis trap, making it take 20 seconds instead of 10 for the trap to become invisible.
Nerfed Mirror Image significantly, with clones now doing only 50% damage at level 3
Nerfed Lightning Streak's damage
Nerfed the Movement speed component of slow, from 50% to 20% and 65% upgraded to 30% upgraded.
Kil'Jaeden's aura now targets ships and other mechanical units.
Buffed Spellbreaker Damage, attackspeed, and range slightly
Made Vari take Mal'ganis' level upon death
Removed Crusade Mastery, giving paladins about half of the buffs baseline. This results in an early game buff and a late game nerf.
Training Mastery replaces Crusade Mastery for Purple, which gives an evasion to Sergeants and a 75 HP bonus to Archers.
"Health Potion" added to weaker melee units some microability.
Buffed the defensive capabilities of Dwarven elite towers, and added a small command aura.
Removed Mana shield from lady Vashj, giving her Siren's Call.
Removed Dark Arrow from Rivendare, giving him Rivendare's Dread Aura.
Improved both the damage and manacost of searing light on Chaplains by 5.
Increased the manacost of healing wave, from 90 to 100, and increased the cooldown, from 9 seconds to 10. Reduced healing done, from 165 to 145.
Allowed the Lich King's Frost Nova and Charm spells to target mechanical units.
Improved Starting Values of Frost Armor.
Improved Death Knight's starting armor by 1, and starting health by 50.
Weakened Thanes Health, Regeneration rate, movement and attack speeds by a small amount.
Lengthened the time it takes to use a town portal scroll by 5 seconds, to 15 seconds.
Retooled Sylvanas, giving her souldrain instead of lifedrain.
Improved the antibuilding immolation aura inside of Azjol'nerub
Made Orange's mastery that buffed crushing wave buff Kirin Tor Lighning instead
Made Kirin Tor Lightning affect buildings, so that orange has some way to fight overpowered yellow towers.
Fixed DG's starting text that said that the player could make 8 champions when in reality only 6 can be made.
Made Fel blademasters no longer do 30 backstab damage upon windwalking.
Made Tranquility have a 3 minute cooldown at all levels
Vampiric Aura is now 5/10/15/20%, and only works for units the player owns.
Lowered Bloodlust's attack speed increase, from 40% to 30%.
Blood Frenzy mastery now only provides a 5% attack speed increase to all units.
Reduced the number of creeps in Durotar, the Barrens, 1k Needles, and Tanaris.
Limited LB's Guild Rangers and green's Elite Archers to 24.
Increased the manacost of sleep to 140; decreased its duration on heroes to 1 seconds, increased its duration on units to 18 seconds; increased the cooldown to 9 seconds.
Made Death Infusion no longer affect dreadlords, but made Unholy Strength and Unholy Armor properly affect them now.
Added unit inventories to Warden Guild units.
Increased the build time of frost Wyrms to 25 seconds.
Replaced Crushing Wave on Hydromancers with a Water Clone spell.
Fixed Aedelas Blackmoore's name (it was Aedalas) and made it so he can't be resurrected.
Buffed Aedelas Blackmoore's attack some
Added a basic cannon tower by Stromgarde's gate.
The Bloodpact being accepted will now unally Red and Blue from Teal and vice versa, and Pink with the two as well if applicable.
Limited the maximum number of Battleships for each race to 12.
The range of the Frigate has been increased from 350 to 450.
Unholy Beckoning removed from Mal'ganis.
Pillage will no longer show up for Blue's Fel Grunts.
Seeds of Regrowth costs 75 rather than 150 to buy now.
Scholomance can't be blocked off anymore.
Engineering Mastery will give Steam Tanks a Stasis Ward type ability now.
Grim Batol can no longer be attacked by sea.
Aerie Peak will have a range of 600 now.
Reformed the Kirin Tor. They now have Forked Lightning, Spirit Touch, and Ray of Disruption. Their regular attack also slows units in a small AoE.
Changed the Gilneas message.
Fixed intro issues.
Made Mana Shield defautly active for Dalaran's Elite Towers
Increased the collision of Druid of the Claws in Bear form
Blue now starts with Reinforced Defenses (An Orc fortification upgrade) researched.
Buffed Maiev Str/Agi stats slightly (2/1).
Training mastery made for Purple. Sergeants will have a 10% evasion, a healing ability, and Archers will receive a 75 HP bonus.
Increased the collision of Moonkin.
Fog (ability on Muradin) will no longer affect Heroes.
Mannoroth will receive a Teleport Scroll once summoned.

Addressed most of the concerns presented in this topic.

1.62 Changelog
Fixed Kudran & the Gryphons being invulnerable after Ironforge dies.
Corrected the comma into a period for the force name "Sentinels. Druids" in the lobby screen.
Fixed Dalaran Tower hotkey
Fixed Baelgun's buttons
Arcane Recall will summon 14 units instead of 12 now.
Reduced Stonemaul Champion damage by 5, reduced health by 75.
Isle of Dread income reduced from 15 to 10
LB will only be able to train Hippogryphs now
Brown will only be able to train Chimaeras and Faerie Dragons (the latter now limited to 10).
Fixed intro message mentioning awlr.blogspot.com instead of diplomunion.com
Made Alterac owned by Blue (with appropriate tech tree matters done). Teal will start with 100 more initial gold to compensate. Blue has lost units at his Drak'tharon base. Drak'tharon will now be a 20g CP from 30g.
Buffed Grunt's damage by 3 and armor by 1.
Reduced the Spirit of Vengeance's base armor summoned by the Priestess from 5 to 1
Aerie Peak can research Storm Hammers now
Reduced Lich King Arthas' cleave from 40% to 35%.
The possibility of two Lordaeron Crowns existing has been fixed.
Fixed Drek'thar's hotkeys.
Starfall now needs level 10 to learn instead of 9, both Frostfall and Starfall have been nerfed to 60/85 damage, instead of 75/100 damage. Both now have only 2 levels instead of 3. Starfall radius reduced from 1000 on both levels to 800/900.
Lowered the maximum damage of the Bear form Druid.
Reduced the number of levels on (Great) Unholy Aura from 4 to 3
Reduced the number of levels on Conveyance Aura from 4 to 3
Removed Shockwave from Thoras and replaced it with Troll Brawling, a Drunken Brawler variant.
Nerfed the proc chance of Mighty Guard happening on each level by 5%.
Forsaken Red will spawn with 2 transport ships now (fitting exactly the # of troops he spawns with)
Removed the possibility where, if timed right, Forsaken Red could obtain Arthas.
Teal and Pink can now construct Voodoo shops, something more unique will be added in the future.
Removed the capability of Pig Farms to train Fel Orc Peons.
Troll Houses can no longer train Troll Workers, Trolls will be able to construct Great Halls now.
When Gilneas is taken it will also transfer ownership of any hostile units leftover, and the other Gilneas CP will be invulnerable until Greymane's Tower is destroyed.
Rivendare can no longer spawn if the Frozen Throne is dead or Red is Forsaken (incredibly unlikely to happen but a possibility).
Entangling Roots cooldown doubled from 8 to 16 seconds.
Removed the Troll Warlord from Zul'aman.
Added a Goblin Laboratory to Ratchet and Booty Bay
Removed the 5th level of Bash
Mass Teleport will now teleport 26/38 units instead of 24/44.
Nerfed the duration that Purge affects Heroes.
Made Stonemaul Keep unabled to be targeted by air units.
Easter Egg hunt has been disabled past killing Augur. The answer to the riddle "What is total paradise" could be solved by reading it as "What is total pair of dice" which equals 42 when you add up the sides.

1.61 Changelog

1.59c Changelog

Fixed the Theramore Event occurring every 15 minutes
Fixed issues with the Silencing Shot ability
Fixed an event issue with King Arthas, Terenas has to be alive for it to activate now
Fixed an issue with two Arthas' being able to exist in the game simutaneously (King Arthas and Evil Arthas)
Infernals will be able to be trained now at Demon Gate III to a limit of 8. All Infernals are also affected by upgrades now.
Doom Guards will have a limit of 8.
The Rain of Fire on the Eye of Sargeras will have a max damage per wave of 600.

1.59b Changelog
Eagles target list fixed (can no longer attack CPs/Capitals).
Fixed Outriders not being affected by the Outriding Mastery (SW Champions were fine)
Sapphiron can no longer attack CPs/Capitals
Nerfed Kil'Jaedens ultimate
Theramore works now
Nerfed later levels of Impale
Fixed the infinite Ankhs on Azshara bug
Gave Mountain Giants medium armor back
Fel Kodo Beasts will be able to be upgraded now
Eagles now limited to 9 instead of 12.
Replaced Defend for Charge on Dwarven Warriors
Blue's Satyr units (excluding Xavius) in Felwood will now start with 0 mana
Made the center tower in Blackrock be a regular Boulder Tower
Nerfed Ancient Power (the lifesteal/damage ability on Naga Royal Guards)
Updated the Quest text to match the starting text
Fixed a bug where Night Elves did not receieve correct income. Mount Hyjal (25g) counted as a 20g province. It now counts for 25g.

1.59 Changelog
Fixed Purple's Resurrection on his Silverhand Paladins not appearing
Fixed a bug with the Multiboard with the ally count if Pink went Bloodpact while unallied to Gray or allied to Teal
Fixed a bug with Gryphon Riders at Aerie Peak not transferring ownership
Made all the demis/elites I could find/remember suicidal so they can't be charmed
Made Divine Shield on Purple's Paladin's be 70 mana instead of 120 mana
Made Greymane's Keep able to train Elven Workers and use Militia call for regular human workers
Buffed DG's Footman variant to have 510 HP from 480, gave the melee Defend, and cleaned up the unit to just look nicer.
Gave Attribute Bonus as a learnable skill for Baron Rivendare
Removed a few creeps from Northrend
Fixed some bugs with Arthas being level 12 and going evil
King Terenas will now be an invulnerable neutral unit that sits outside the Palace. If the Palace dies, he does also, and he will drop the crown. If Arthas visits Terenas after becoming level 12, he will die and the crown will drop. He will be the same except he will gain more slightly more stats per level (and so will get more stats upon this event).
Reduced Arathor Outrider attack speed
Gave Kargath his old model back
Gave Lich King Arthas a special model
Deleted the Airship & Bombarder units and their models, and the model for the outrider (last one took up the most space of anything) The game will only be a fraction bigger than 1.58, and smaller than 1.57
Outriders will now be a red tinted Bandit Lord model
Stormwind champions will now use the Knight model
Made Draenei Demolishers like normal siege, with their AoE reduced and a cap of 6.
Reds can activate Plague again at 10 minutes, but it will automatically activate regardless at 15 minutes. Theramore will go to Orange 5 minutes after the Plague activates.
Nerfed the Legion's Breath of Fire
Gave Muradin Breath of Fire back, in place of Thunder Clap, which Magni already has
Fixed a bug with Holy Nova where Level 1 would do 300 Target damage which is what the max level is supposed to do.
Gave Fel Grom Wind Walk back
Nerfed First Strike to 30 damage instead of 50 damage (ability on Arathor Outrider)
Fixed some hotkey issues
Buffed Fel Grunt HP by 80
Replaced the Improved Spirit Towers inside Scholomance with regular ones
Removed the Meat Wagon from inside Scholomance
Gave Meat Wagons their normal HP again (420 to 380)
Made Icecrown (by the Lich King) have the same anti Shipyard mechanic as Caer Darrow does
Removed Murloc creeps on the coast of Dalaran (NOT Fenris Isle)
Reduced High Elven initial harvest capability from 20 to 15 wood
Arthas must only be level 12 (rather than 15) to become the Lich King now. The Lich King's abilities have been slightly changed (no new abilities though).
Yellow will no longer be able to make Water Tanks, and can now construct Shipyards.
Deleted Khadgar
Buffed Ice Troll Brawler by 10 HP to 700 HP (Regular Troll Brawlers have 695 HP)
Gave Varimathras the Attribute Bonus ability
Fixed Blue's Forsaken not being able to research Ship Upgrades
Fixed a tech tree requirement for Storm Hammers
Xavius will always regenerate health rather than at night time now
Redid the Stormreaver Warlock, they will have a limit of 12
Gave Spell Breakers back Spell Immunity
All Draenei units will function off of Naga upgrades instead of having a separate techtree
Added Menethil Harbor
Fixed Inventory issues for transforming units (ones that morph or submerge)
Made Mountain Giants have Heavy armor
Removed Eredar units' splash damage
Blue's units will be fully affected by attack/armor upgrades now
Made Orange's heroes benefit from Power Infusion
Rivendare will now benefit from Death Infusion
Made both Fel and Non-Fel warlocks have 335 starting HP (a buff from 300 and 325 HP respectively)
Increased Varian's base movement speed
Reduced Ogre Champions' max attack damage by 4
Reduced the movement speed of Misha
Made Holy Armor the default active ability for Purple's Clerics
Water Elementals will be able to walk on water now
Ship upgrades are now capped at 4/4 instead of 6/6
Slightly reduced collision size of Thanes
Due to technical issues with making a dual unit cap the Crypt Guard is removed from the game until further notice
Light Blue now has a limit of 6 on Glaive Throwers, the one at Hyjal Summit is removed so people don't have to go looking for that last one
Blood Frenzy Mastery will now affect all Fel Orc units as stated (Heroes not included) Units affected are Fel Peons and Fel Orc Warlocks.
Reduced the stun duration on Heroes of Firebolt
Thoras Trollbane will start out level 2 rather than 3

1.58 Changelog
Gave regular archers back Aimed Shot as they should have.
Added back the Scarlet Monastery, it doesn't have any purpose, it's just there to be there (it can revive heroes however)
Fixed Maiming Strike which would buff enemy movement speed and on level 3 their attack speed
Reterrained the southern part of Khaz Modan slightly so siege can't hit Stormwind anymore
Hippogryphs can be dismounted now (no it does not allow you to have infinite air if abused right)
Gave Silverhand Paladins a 3 man Resurrection
Light's Crusade Mastery will now additionally give Paladins a 200 HP bonus as well
Hearthglen (and the Scarlet Monastery) won't go hostile when the Capital Palace dies now (Hearthglen is the city north of Andorhal)
Green not being able to research Feint fixed
Aimed Shot will be researched at the Blacksmith
Orgrimmar will not establish until 2 minutes after Thrall has arrived, but it will also construct a Spirit Lodge and Barracks.
Fixed the pathing at the back of Dalaran
Edited Absorb Mana on Green's Blood Mages so that it has a cast range of 500 from 900, absorbs a max of 200 mana, and has a 45 second cooldown now.
Moved Dark Summoning to be in the second spell slot, and that slot has switched to be first. This affects Archimonde, Kil'Jaeden and Azshara.
Fixed Red and Blue's Mastery building going hostile when they go Forsaken. Blue will be able to research Red's Masterys once he has gone Forsaken. This means Blue will also be able to make Death Knights/Crypt Guards now.
The Tomb of Sargeras will open after 10 minutes and 20 seconds game time. It will display a message to Brown informing him of this. Regular players can just use the Plague text appearing as a way to know the Tomb is open.
Hopefully fixed the zombie conversions, where they remain in control of the player who's unit was converted
Arthas now only needs to approach the Lich King (on the floating ice or landing on the base) when he's level 15 and in Death Knight form to become the Lich King, instead of killing him. The Obelisks being dead are not required.
Deleted the Crypt Guard model
Increased movement speed of Tichondrius and Mal'ganis by 10
Made chance to convert 1.3% instead of 2%
Added a limit to Faerie Dragons of 10
Added an Ancient of War to Eastern Ashenvale (by the fountain)
Gave Fel Grom a new spell, Slice and Dice, which has a 35% chance to deal 20/30/40/50 damage to nearby units, replacing Wind Walk
DG can only have 6 Stormwind Champions now, instead of 8
Added a Shadow Hunter to Echo Isles
Gray and Pink will unally again if Pink takes the Bloodpact
Dragon Turtles will have a limit of 12 but they will build faster so one could still defend their base but not be able to go rape other bases quite as easily, and cost 24 gold now versus 33
Redid/reordered Mograine, he's still very recognizable though
If Stratholme dies to anyone Arthas will go to Red (except if the Lich King is dead). If not Purple will keep Arthas.
Dark Minions from Dark Arrow will benefit from Death Infusion now but no longer reincarnate
Made Plague automatic at 10 minutes and Rivendare will spawn inside Scholomance now
Renamed Human Battleship/Frigate/Transport Ship to say Alliance instead of Human
Added the World tree invulnerability mechanic back, except it will function off of two Altar of Elders in Darkshore and Moonglade, but both will be vulnerable, and if both are killed, the World Tree will be vulnerable.
Fixed Advanced Ancient Protectors not being able to be targeted by Air units
Fixed Summoner's Cripple being available at start
Made Death Knight's cost 100 gold again
Fixed Death Knight's Death Pact which gave them 150% health instead of 100%
There will only be 4 levels of Death Infusion now, instead of 5
Gave Kirin Tor spell immunity (they can still be healed by Heal/Chain Heal)
Made Knights for Purple cost 26 gold now
Cavalry Mastery will now give a small movement speed bonus and a spiked barricades effect which returns 4 damage to attackers (along with charge, but no more cost reduction)
Rexxar will start level 2 now
Nerfed Axe of the Chieftain to 50% damage bonus instead of 65%
Made Vol'jin his old model again
Reduced Outrider movement speed by 30 and base armor by 3
Replaced Kel's Mana Flare with Frost Armor
Made Animal War Training cost 100 gold
Removed the extra damage from Frost Arrows for Elite Archers, they dish out enough damage as it is and already have unlimited mana with Brill aura, but if I buffed mana cost it just gimps you without Anasterian (or Jaina I suppose)
Raised Paladin's Mana to 425 from 300
When Stratholme dies to anyone now, if Arthas is dead he will become a Death Knight as normal, if alive Red will gain vision of him and Arthas will go Undead once he dies (unless he is level 12 or higher, a weak symbol for him being "King" now due to game progression, or just him being powerful enough to not need Frostmourne) All this will happen only if the Lich King is alive.
Made the range on Footman (Ranged), DG's spearthrower unit, 450 from 350.
Gave Gahz'rilla a new spell to replace Bile Attack which never worked for reasons I'm unable to discern
Fixed many abilities where you could double spend points in them (ex a level 4 hero could have 3 points in one ability or a level 2 hero 2 points in one)
Made Silverhand Paladins' Divine Shield last 10 seconds instead of 8

1.57 Changelog
Fixed Mastery Building's ability to be teleported to
Removed Red/Blue being renamed upon going Forsaken
Reversed button/hotkeys of Explorer's Flare and Flame of Baelgun
Removed changelog from quests (most will be too big to fit in and I don't want two "quests" for the same changelog)
Extended Thunder Bluff's Command Aura radius
Fixed a food glitch for Forsaken Blue
Blue can train Frigates/Bships when he goes Forsaken
Removed Auchindoun's aura
Farms will give 6 food instead of 5
Slightly increased intelligence per level for Magni/Muradin
Reduced Entangling Roots max duration on a hero from 7 to 5 seconds
Reverted Elite Archers back to 1.55 status (except Improved Bows no longer affects them)
Fixed Red's intro text concerning the Sunwell and Lich Kel
Gave Arcane Towers Magic damage
Buffed Power Infusion to 100 from 50 hp and reduced lumber upgrade increments by 25
Removed Dalaran being dead as a requirement to flee to Outland with Kael
Decreased range bonus on Headhunting mastery by 250 to 150 range
Fixed Zul'jin bugging out with the World Tree healing him
Units with Disease Cloud only convert to Zombies if attacked by Red or Blue now
Removed Improved Bows and Marksmanship from affecting Guild Acolytes for LB
Fixed Destroyers not upgrading
Fixed Crypt Guards not upgrading
Dalaran Towers and Dwarven Keep Towers will now upgrade from the Scout Tower
Fixed Blood Infusion (Green's BElf Mastery) not affecting units
Nerfed normal Arthas' ultimate, Indignation
Thanes will train at Barracks now, no longer at Ironforge however
Fixed the Deeprun Tram not giving income, and now if one dies you can't still use the other one's waygate. If either entrance dies the income is lost for both players.
Fixed inability to repair capitals
Gave Purple Improved Cannon Towers instead of regular ones at Stratholme
Fixed Sunwell event, it will only trigger when Red or Blue owns it
Fixed Kael's spell, scrapped the intended spell for him since it would not work for whatever reason
Increased movement speed of Corrupted ancients to be on par with uncorrupted ones (40 to 80 movement speed).
Made the mana cost for Book Summon of Legion be 410 so only heroes do it
Buffed HP of Green's special mastery towers
Made a Blood Mage unit available at the Arcane Sanctum when Green researces the Empowered Magic Mastery
Elven Footmen (renamed to Warriors) will have Heavy Armor
Defend's research cost has been reduced from 150 to 75 gold
Made the Knight from Purple's Mastery cost 26 gold now from the previously reduced one of 29

1.56 Changelog
Fixed Ice Troll Mastery
Fixed Ancestral Mastery
Limited Undead Air for blue as well
Replaced the Mask of Death with an adjusted Staff of Silence (the item drops from Ragnaros)
Removed buying items from Ironforge (upgrade too) and it drops again. 70% chance for shield, 60% for sword, 50% for gloves.
Changed hero icon orders for most
Made the Zul'aman boat a regular Transport ship, the ones you buy from Goblin merchants
Gave Jaina a one time use Mass Teleport spell called Exodus when Theramore procs that can go to any CP, (preferably Theramore). Teles 36 units.
Reduced Ice Troll Berserker (renamed to Ice Troll Brawler) collision
Gave Yellow another starting Mortar by the Loch Modan CP
Slightly increased gold costs of Boulder towers
Made Adv Watch Towers in Blackrock to regular ones (inside tower is the same)
Gave Vol'jin the Shadow Hunter model
Renamed Blood Elf Lieutenant to Blood Elf Warrior
Gave Spell Breakers Resistant Skin instead of Spell Immunity and reduced their cost from 21 to 17 gold
Made Elite Archers into Rangers with stats adjusted trainable from Silvermoon with a limit of 8, a 10 damage Orb of Annihilation will replace Ice Arrows
Aimed Shot is now auto available on Rangers and removed from Archers
The Sunwell has a 8700 range healing aura now (which is the entrance to Quel Thalas), and is now capturable and when captured becomes the dead Sunwell. Red will now use this for his event to revive Kel'Thuzad (he must be dead when it's captured, so no more item either). If Green recaptures it he can reupgrade it to be normal again (only Green). If Red takes it while Kel is alive, he can kill him then retake the Sunwell and it will work.
Silvermoon Ballistas are now Elven Ballistas and trained at the Barracks with a limit of 6.
Ranger Mastery is now replaced with Masonry Mastery which allows you to upgrade into Flame Towers (which will have Burning Oil), Cold towers and Death towers and your Improved Masonry/Improved Lumber Harvesting will be fully upgraded.
Shipyards can no longer be constructed near/by Caer Darrow.
Fixed income bug with Gilneas
Reduced cost of Rifleman from 21 to 17
Reduced cost of Dwarven Warrior from 23 to 19
Fixed (hopefully) Frost attack for Dwarven Warriors
Removed two Guard Towers on unreachable terrain in Stormwind and move them down to replace the basic Guard Towers
Increased the range of Stormwind Cannons by 100
Buffed Meat Wagon HP to 420 from 380
Removed the player renames for Pink going Fel/Green going Belves as it's an awkward fit unless everyone else was named as well
Replaced Banish on Kael with a spell called Arcane Blinding which is an AoE Curse+Movement Slow
Added back Destroyers, removed Devour Magic from Obsidian Statues, reduced Spirit Touch and Essence of Blight to original mana cost which is 2.
Removed casting time from Flame Strike
Buffed casting range on Siphon Mana to 800 from 600
Reduced Mountain Giant Collision and reduced cost from 43 to 34 gold
Made the cannon towers at the back of Gilneas into Improved ones
Added a Bestiary to Dustwallow Marsh
Made Kodo Beasts (+Fel ones) affected by upgrades
Made Kael start out level 5 instead of 3
Added an Essence of Blight spell to Yellow's Taverns (Taverns won't be buildable for now)
Replaced Red's Apothecarial Mastery with Dark Magic Mastery
Increased the number of corpses the Graveyard holds from 5 to 10
Reduced Dragon Turtle siege damage against buildings by a lot
Buffed health of Archers to 350 from 340

1.55 Changelog
Fixed Orange's initial income to 65 from 50
Revamped Rexxar
Removed Korgall, Pink will start out with Rexxar
Pink will no longer have access to Ogre Workers for the sake of cohesion, Pig Farms will train Fel Workers now. However Stonemaul will keep the Pig Farms it has (they will no longer be constructable by Pink and no he won't train Fel Peons)
Peons will make Ogre Barracks now
Reduced Druid of the Claw cost from 25 gold to 18 gold
Replaced Mana Flare on Antonidas with the old Arcane Missles
Kel'Thuzad now has Mana Flare in place of Necromance
Removed Dark Trolls being hirable and starting ones, no units will replace them on the Ancient for now, but the free button space means they can be uprooted and moved now.
Added Call to Arms back to Purple/DG capitals
Added the Dirk of the Beast to Xavius, which adds 10 bonus damage and if a unit dies under the effect summons a (basically) permanent Satyr Soulstealer. The item itself is just for looks and can't be dropped (or on death) and the spell will be start autocast and replace Firebolt.
Druidic Mastery now no longer restricts Morphed spells on the Druids if unresearched. If researched you may again use Moonkin from the Druid of the Talon instantly.
Battle Stations/Stand Down hotkeys fixed
Removed the rocks in Dalaran as they really don't serve a purpose, but if buffed they will also be a problem with the fact that Seeds of Regrowth restore them
Added just a couple more units to LB's starting forces around his area
Made the Greymane Wall into an actual gate instead of a destructible, it will be better than a regular gate but cost more to repair proportionally
Portal Immolation added to Netherstorm Waygate
Added info to Sunstrider sword that you can hurl firebolts with it
Fixed units in Theramore
Fixed Jubei hero inventory
Fixed Chaplains Searing Arrows to Searing Light
Empowerment Mastery will now make Paladins have a shorter CD for Holy Light (8 to 5 seconds)
Fixed Mana Burn TT for Illidan (It was named Scout?)
Gave Couatls a short Tornado and reduced their limit to 4
Added Summoners with a unique spell set to Naga, a limit of 24, true sight (so that Azshara's spell set isn't screwed over if you get all 4 abilities)
Reduced the cost of Thanes from 45 to 35 gold
Lunar Mastery now adds two Skill Points to Tyrande and Naisha, meaning they can learn 2 more spells or levels of a spell
Nightfall was removed from Tyrande as if she had all spells researched, one would be blocked out of view
Reduced cost of Troll Workers from 10 to 7 gold.
Vitality of the Old Gods now gives Azshara an Ankh if she is alive
Replaced Immolation on Illidan with Cursed Vision of Sargeras
Added the Troll camp back inside Quel Thalas but it is under the control of Gray
Thunder Bluff will now train Tauren also. There will be an upgrade named Age of Prosperity which Gray can use to research Pulverize and Spirit Walker training free of charge after the 300 second upgrade finishes.
Removed 2 Ogres in Stonemaul to compensate for Rexxar
Removed Bash and reduced Splash damage on Eredar Warlocks
Added a shipyard to Darkshore
Made Empowered Renewal heal faster rather than just extra cast range
Gave the Scepter of the Queen a heal/mana restore in lieu of the dispellable hp regen effect
Conveyance Aura now gives .03 (and increments of .03) % bonus attack speed. Renamed it Valor Aura.
Added a Battleship to the bridge of Theramore
Ice Troll Alliance Mastery added, requires Gundrak, if researched you can train Berserkers at Barracks instead of Brawlers
Orgrimmar will give 20 income as stated now
Orgrimmar will auto build upon Thrall's landing (even if it wasn't instantaneous in lore) but the CP has been moved south of the rocks and the creeps above them removed.
Removed Ensnare requiring Fletcher's Mastery as this gimped a lot of creeps and wasn't adding content to Nelves but just regranting them what once had

Azeroth Wars, Azeroth, Wars, LR

Azeroth Wars LR 1.67b (Map)

11:03, 25th Jun 2009, by Rui(#5): A map that would accomplish a lot if only its authors ever listened to the right people. Even pros and cons, from which we emphasize the excellent terrain and the horrible balance. Reviewed, 3/5 (Acceptable).
  1. EagleMan


    Apr 13, 2009
    Railen did the Illidan event stuff and said he has plans for it or something so I'm leaving it be, it is planned to bring him back somehow.

    Also yes some gold was just simply removed.. It would seem rather arbitrary to try to keep a specific amount of possible total gold income in the entire game.
  2. Hunter9G


    Nov 11, 2009
    I think the Broken Isles should be reinitnroduced, as it would give a good reason to make a base there (while trying to get storne enoguh to open the tomb). This is especially valid now that it requires a lvl 10 hero to open tomb and get the 20g cp.

    I also agree with Wowwars about making more events. aside form the obvious and natural things (like dying heroes who cant revive having text showing they are permanently dead). Druids also need better and more heroes. try making a custom hero for the druids of talon or something.

    I think you should make a new faction (try and take out druids again if it is a problem to take out anyone else), that is the collection of the illidari, spread out between Outland, the Broken isles(which, like i siad should be given a cp again), and a new dungeon inside outland, where Illidan can reside once he is freed (for whatever reason you have for that).
  3. Alagremm


    Nov 17, 2008
    Personally I think that draenei should be a separate player, but not with the Exodar and stuff.
    Maybe you can make them be a part of some other player, like high elves, which would make a bit sence. Or you can make them a second chance for some player, like Stormwind.

    Anyway, I still think you need to make Kezan and Old Gods.
  4. rafaelrq


    Feb 13, 2009
    And what aboutthe Satyrs and the Forsaken? What will you do with them?
    I kinda like this style of maps and that is why i want this to be the best ^.^
    Broken isles CP could be useful i think.
    And what amount of gold are you planning to put for the whole map?
  5. Hunter9G


    Nov 11, 2009
    Forsaken is already being used for red as a backup team, ubt only prolbem is he needs to kill sylvannys, who is...elusive.

    As for the dranei i completely agree with you Alagremm. the Exodar stuff ruined my vision of the almighty broken dranei, and i much prefer the Broken to the blue aliens.

    If you want to have a mixed up race make it so that if green goes to outland with diskostick he gets akama and the dranei. also you should allow vash to make naga workers... hmm. maybe make one of each hero for the three human factions (Dalaran = Dranei, Lordaeron = Naga, and High Elves = Blood Elves). this is because a place like kultiras is a terrible setback place for humans, where even though it is a strategic point ot hit almost any seciton of kali, it also makes i easy to entrap him and ahnialate him completely. And Dalaran doesn't even get a fallback area (as I don't consider Theramore even a little helpful since your surrounded by all enemies and no allies. and some very pwoerful ones at that.)

    Make a portal dungeon inside the nether area in outland for the shattered alliance and have it well fortified so they have an actual chance to live against whoever won the south war.
  6. Alagremm


    Nov 17, 2008
    I never said I dont like blue draenei aliens. They are awesome. Everything about draenei is awesome, except the Exodar and Tempest keep which ruined everything.

    Actually it would be cool if Dalaran controlled draenei(both broken and unbroken) in Outland.
  7. Hunter9G


    Nov 11, 2009
    Yea I thoguht it would be since draenei are sort of magish like dalaran. I was trying to figure out what best resembled each human faction.
  8. Evillizard


    Aug 25, 2009
    I lold
  9. Hunter9G


    Nov 11, 2009
    y? It not that funny.

    hey can you make it so next or couple farther up vers have fallbacks for all races? most races tend to get demolished if they fail (i.e. Trolls).
  10. rafaelrq


    Feb 13, 2009
    You didn't reply my posts Eagleman. i have something more to post:
    Why don't you add a event with Grim batol? Something when Teal reaches it or Pink when he went BP. It could be given a new hero and a medium base or something.
    I repeat (sorry for spamming), what if Blue reaches Kalimdor and BOTH night elves leave? Blue has the chance to fight agaisnt satyrs and i think that doesn't mean to happen, does it?
    Khadgar's event was good for DG, and it gave DG a good reason to take HF Peninsula. Why don't you consider on re-adding it?, just change a little bit Khadgar's abilities.
    The same for Teal, you could give him a reward if he destroys/takes Grim batol or if he reaches the Tomb of Sargeras.
  11. Hunter9G


    Nov 11, 2009

    grim batol is just a buildingg meant to give a boost. to have triggers on everything would increase the risk of map failure.

    If blue reaches kalimdor and both ne had left, then grey would own kalimdor.

    Khadgar? i haven't seem him, prob because i came in at 1.59

    Why the tomb of sargeras?
  12. rafaelrq


    Feb 13, 2009
    Grim batol was a mighty fortress when the Dragonmaw clan was there, maybe their remnants could be added like a reward for Teal or evil Pink.

    I know that, but there still exists the chance of Blue attacking Satyrs. My opinion is that if they are still alive (wich is almost impossible) they should be added to the legion.

    Yes, he was there, before 1.58 i think. When DG took HF peninsula Khadgar showed up with a mastery. I think he didn't appeared in the another versions because he was too powerful or something else. That is why i think they should re-add him.

    Please forget that... how can i say it?... dumb comment.
  13. pray


    Sep 10, 2009
    Yeah i agreed.Illi is important hero of this game.But if you really wanna remove him.Why don't you just make him dungeon boss? or something
  14. Evillizard


    Aug 25, 2009
    Without naga, who would have Illidan? A dungeon boss wouldn't make sense, in my opinion anyway.

    I lold because it was such a small change someone must had been trying extra hard to spot a tiny thing like that.
  15. pray


    Sep 10, 2009
    Of course if illidian going to boss.The nagas would follow him.Espessially outland nagas.And like i said if maker want remove naga so badly,this can be.
  16. Evillizard


    Aug 25, 2009
    Mabye if teal dies he should become naga and leave the Burning Legion and join Green if he turns into blood elves. Then Illidan would be needed once again.
  17. Hunter9G


    Nov 11, 2009
    Eh i still think having all human factions for north alliance to have fallbacks in outland would be better. Really it seems like every race needs seomthing to fall back on once they get demolished from an enemy or unknown factor (betraying teammate, etc.)

    also how does blue get varimathras thing work? is it if red kills sylvanas lbue gets that option then?
  18. EagleMan


    Apr 13, 2009
    If Red has the conditions fulfilled for obtaining Forsaken, so does Blue. If his Great Demons die he will then become Variamthras.

    And human second chances in Outland.. what?

    Anyways Railen said he has plans for Illidan, what they are I don't know.
  19. Hunter9G


    Nov 11, 2009

    It was on the last page.
  20. Evure


    Mar 30, 2009
    i got a question, what does Auchindoun do? does it have any special effect or anything?
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2010