Need a 6 man Azeroth Wars team for the Hive!

Level 32
Apr 2, 2013
In need of five other players to join me in an awesome Azeroth Wars LR tournament as posted in these sites (so far):

Brigand's Haven / Clan BotR (Brigands on the Run)
Clan UoS (Union of Strategists)
Clan HotJ (Heroes of the Jewels)

Click on any one of those for the information on the tournament. TL;DR, actually read at least one of 'em.

I'm completely aware that some of the sites feature members that consider themselves oh so pro at the game, but we'll put up a fight. Basically, I'm looking for anyone on Hive who played some Azeroth Wars at least a few tens of times. If we're short of the 6 man team I'll of course be lenient.

I'm inviting the following and I await their replies. I'm also aware that some also make their home on those other sites / clans and may be inactive in WC3.
- Footman16
- Darklycan51
- Alagremm
- Filmting
- Forsaken
- Dat-C3
- Nickel510
- Takakenji
- Rui
- Fingolfin
- Maxley (Gumberbunbder)
- nhs325

So for anyone reading this and think they're qualified, join up! It'll be a blast!

Yes, Hive isn't on the list yet. So none of this is 100% guaranteed to happen but I hope that doesn't deter anyone from joining.
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