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Aug 23, 2008
All right guys, I've decided to from now on, post some of my terrain work up here. I don't say I'm a pro terrainer but I give my best. :)

Here's a village I created as a task into a map, but later I've realized I won't have the time to fully devote to the project. Still, the village is done and it'll be the first image set that I'll post from my works. It's a PLAYABLE area, so consider that when rating/commenting.

Work spent on this area: around 1 hour and 30 minutes

Tell me what you think. :)

I've left that Griffon in there for SIZE COMPARISON.


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Well, its pretty nice for a playable terrain, but I don't really like the farm and windmill, they don't really fit in with the other buildings, that all have shingled roofs and those have straw. And I don't like the fact that the graveyard has no grass/vegatation. I have always been in graveyards that were grassy, and have never seen one that was just dirt.
Level 3
Aug 23, 2008
The point of the windmill and surrounding structures is, that it's rather simple architecture and are mainly "worker" areas - so to say, while the rest are places where people live.

If you look a bit more closely, you'll see that the graveyard has dirt mostly under graves and has quite a lot of grass/flowers/decorations on the side.

Thanks for the comments =)
Level 9
May 2, 2009
Nice import, makes picture detailed... Grain barn on 4th pic is too small in comparison to other buildings. Use River Rushes coloured in green for grass (or some other imported grass, even animated maybe). Rock hill on 4th screen doesn't look right, I can't put my finger on it.... Maybe should import rock models and make it all out of props?
Level 9
Apr 11, 2008
i got some questions:
1.instead of the griffin there for size comparison why not some villagers because the city looks like it would be populated coz of houses and stuff but nobody lives there?
2. on shot 5 you can see some corn/other farming stuff (not quite sure) growing on the road was it a mistake or what(probably is but i gotta ask)
3. why place a well behind all the corn and stuff it seems like the people who live there is rather stupid or just dont have any other place to get the water up?
And now to the good part:
this is a great terrain considering it is playable great use of custom models.
if you found this insulting pm me