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Avenging Assassin

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Based on the OG icon and meant as an upgrade for the regular Assassin/Campaing Warden unit from WC3, and as such, I try to keep the art style as close to the WC3 style while at the same time increasing the general quality.

The Avenging Assassins are an exclusive Royal unit in my map, that you can only get when you choose Aristocracy as a government model, they can only be trained from the tier 3 hall of the Night Elves and take up to 180 seconds to train one. They are the equivalent of a Naga Royal Guard for the Night Elves.


Once Assassins of the Royal and Noble courts of old, these night elves are sworn to the moon's shadow, embracing the dark light of Elune, they specialize in taking out single targets and serving vengeance as a bloody cup.

Entry for the Final Form Texturing contest

-removed the clipping parts on the cloak, added a cloak full of stars
-made the portrait look appealing and close to the icon
-hands look like actual hands and she actually kinda much has thumbs now
-made her umbrella(? thing on her back look like an actual umbrella
-explored the wrap the best that I could, I had to make a lot of adjustments around the legs, crotch, feet, belly, etc
-added tattoos and details to the skin
-Added a belt with knives, they are on that side because that is where the attacking hand is, the other hand is only used to hold the cloak during the attack animation

-legs for days (?)

*There are somethings that are imposible to fix like the hood being incomplete in the model but for the rest I'm happy with it
*You are all welcome to use my skin as a baseline for other skins as I think that I explored a lot of the wrap
*Feel free to modify, recolor, etc, tell me if you do so
*I appreciate your comments

Avenging Assassin (Texture)